Good morning all people! Recently I shadowed my friend’s dad for take your kid to work day. I learned many things about creating your own business, technology companies, and Michrotech Service Corps.


This video was made to show you what I learned on “Take Your Kid To Work Day”. I learned a great many things, so I simplified them all down to the large ideas of #1 – what is Michrotech Service Corps. , and #2 – what hurdles does his company/small companies/technology companies face.

Why go to someone’s work?

I find that this day is important (especially to mainstream schooling) because it gives kids a snapshot from the future of what their daily life could be like. It gives them an idea of what the daily life of their parents/guardians/people they look up to. It brings a connection from what kids learn at school to where it applies in jobs and life.

I find that this connection is extremely important so that it reminds kids what school is all for. I find that kids often get upset (myself included) when they are unsure of what school does for you. This sometimes ends up in kids dropping out of school, or not doing as well as they could. I agree that often mainstream schooling is often without apt purpose, but bad schooling is better than no schooling.