Good morning fellow hockey fans, Canadians, those of the PLP program, and well basically anyone… whoever you might be I am sure that you know the power of a team. During this project we have emphasized how much hockey brings Canadian communities together, through the beautiful power of story telling.

Heritage Minutes

This project we were put into groups and we made our very own Heritage Minute about anything that wasn’t already a heritage minute.

So… you might ask what a Heritage Minute is. Well if you don’t know you are seriously missing out, on both some beautiful productions, and subprime comedy moments. Like Ms.Maxwell taught us the beauty of Heritage Minutes, I will teach you! After all, how are you to know what I’m basing mine off of f I don’t right?

This is the Lucy Maud Montgomery video. It’s my favourite because of it’s perspective shots, beautiful voiceovers, and emotion filled tone. I like the sweeping round shots, and the free feeling Anne. Plus there’s a shot of fire! And as you should know… I Love Fire! 🔥

The Stanley Cup in Sixty Seconds

When researching Arts + Culture from the 1800s with my group, we came across the beginnings of hockey. Hockey is such a big part of the Canadian Identity, how could we not do it. In the late 1800s, Lord Stanley created the Stanley Cup to create a platform for the sport that him and his family had grown to love.

We extensively planned for this video, after all making a video about a great big subject is very had to summarize in one minute. Through a screenplay, and shot lists, Freytag’s pyramid, and storyboarding, we planned our video thoroughly for the best results possible.

Thank You!!!

Over the project we have been in contact with Ryan Barnett, and Joanne Archibald from Historica Canada. They play crucial roles in the creation of Heritage Minutes, which has been the main focus of this project.

We are so lucky and so grateful for their support and feedback, and we know that our success with these videos is with many thanks to them! We couldn’t have done it with out you.

I would also like to thank Spencer for coming in to teach us how to write a proper storyboard, what makes a good dramatization video, how to get people to care about the subject. He answered hundreds of our endless questions, and we absolutely could not have made what we did without him.