School is over, summer is upon us, and my journey with PLP has come to a close… but something is off. Something doesn’t feel right, finished, or closed. After some deliberation I realized it is that at the end of my PLP story, I was not required to openly reflect. Of course I’ve reflected inwardly, but I intend to go out the right way, and without this I could not go on as a PLP Graduate.

So, here it is. My full report and reflection on my journey as a PLP Learner. How I have learned, and how I intend to learn.

Why Am I Leaving?

The reason I am leaving PLP might seem confusing, but it is because I am a true PLP learner. I have evolved as a person, learning to how to feel afraid, and how to accept it. How to fail and learn from it, how to do the best that I can for myself. How to analyze things and take the answers without bias. Above all, PLP has taught me to balance my life.

It wouldn’t be easy to continue PLP, continue to push myself constantly, but it might possibly be easier to stay. Not to leave my community, not to go somewhere I’m afraid of, not to continue forward into the unknown, not to be seen as a quitter. But that won’t stop me anymore.

It is not impossible to do all that I wish and remain in PLP, however I have learned to swim with the tide. You might not end up where you intended, but you will always end up where you want to be. In order to balance my life, stay kind to myself, stay true to myself, and lead a life where I stay true to my word, moving on is right. I can say that with conviction, because I know that the person who came into this would not quit, and if she did she would have been mad at herself for quitting. I’m at peace, and I will always be a PLP learner no matter where I go.

My Journey

I don’t kneed to tell you my story, go read my blog posts and find out for yourself. What I will tell you is that in grade 8 I was bored of school, and scared. Scared to let people down, scared to let people in, scared to be myself, and Absolutely Terrified of Failure. I honestly could not have gone anywhere better for myself that moment. Somewhere they teach you that failure is good, integral in success, and that success is not achievable, because once you achieve something you don’t have to work for it. Success is acting in accordance with who you are and want to be. Success is how you feel as you improve. The person in grade 8 would not have been learning portraiture, would not be going into Jazz In The Box (fancy choir), would not be forgiving to herself. All of those things are integral in who I am and want to be. By ignoring my fear of failure, and heading into mainstream school I acknowledge my fear of being insignificant and normal, and I kick my fear aside.

– Kicking Fear In the Rear End! –

I almost quit last year, but I came back to PLP’s values and saw something that was true to who I was and who I want to be. I almost quit in the middle of the year, but that wouldn’t have been true to who I have become. I am not a quitter. I have come so far, and it is only right to exit the right way. A way reflective of that.

I feel success right now because I know I’m true to myself, and improving myself.

Looking Back

Looking back what could I have done differently?

During PGP I should have audiobooked the required books and kept up, but I forgive myself for that since I couldn’t lift a finger. Looking back I regret staying home during the Alberta trip, I could have made the money if I had tried. Looking back, I regret not speaking up when I should have (see next section). Looking back I wish I had been more open with constructive criticism with everyone, and a little less open with some really stupid things I said.



But that is what journeys are made of. That’s what grows character, and reflecting on that is what allows me to grow.


What Do I Do About It?

what do I do? I am open about what I should be, and I apologize for all the things when I didn’t think before I spoke. I let people know who I really am, and accept however they think of me.

Dear Teachers.
You have taught me so much, and I never acknowledged how much it takes to do what you do for us. For me. So, thank you. We are your projects, we are your job, and we are great full. I am great full. You have taught me that Kind, Constructive, and Specific feedback is a gift. And I know that you do as you teach. Everything I say here is true as I see it, and everything is out of complete and utter happiness and joy and freedom, please use it.

The Foundations for Humanities 10 (hosted by PLP)

At the end of last year, PLP 10 wasn’t going to exist. In order to give us the platform we wanted to grow on, the teachers randomly selected people from grade 10 to learn in a PLP-like learning experience. I was on board for that, I was a small part in advocating for it. What I didn’t realize was how open the pool of recipients was. My idea that it was ok was based on the fact that people don’t often know what they want until they try it. At the beginning of this year, people who had quit PLP just before the summer were put back in. I don’t know the thinking behind that, who may have been in charge of that, or any of the millions of aspects to that decision, but I just don’t think that’s right. I don’t think it’s within PLP values to force those kids back in, or else leaving other important classes which were more important to them. I believe that they should have been asked, or not included, because they are allowed to decide what is right for them.


Moving Forward Lately I’ve been going through my values a lot, I have been since last year when I almost left. What do I believe? How do I move forward? What values does that path reflect? This year I’ve been analyzing future life paths (regarding post secondary education).

It Turns out that I believe in joy. I believe that if you go forward doing things that are true to you, and that bring you joy. If you make your decisions with your values in mind, you will end up in joyful places that are right for you. Therefore I don’t have to decide what’s right for my future, right now. I’ll take the classes that I enjoy and that make me think. I keep my options open, and apply for the schools that I believe will be the best for me.

It is often the simplest solution that is the right one.

The Future of PLP

I don’t know what PLP will look like next year, when I graduate, when I graduate University. I know that it will reflect the active values of those who lead it. I know it could become many things, and it all depends upon the teachers. It could become a private school, it could become an academy available in schools across the country, it could become an even more well sought after program at Seycove, attracting people from all over the continent, it could cease to exist. Really I have no clue, but I do know that you the Teachers, and you the Students have the power to make it anything. I just ask you, please, keep in mind the non-PLP’ers, all the students, teachers, parents, everyone. PLP is not all about creating PLP, are you creating a program, or are you shaping students lives?

What you become is up to you
Whatever I Become Is Now Up To Me.

And that is very exiting!

In Conclusion,

I know I am through and through a product of PLP. I am a success story, I am ready for the next chapter. I now know how to work on the same things PLP teaches me, anywhere and always. I know how to keep pushing, and do what is right for me, and take initiative. Most importantly, I know how to pick my battles. PLP is just not one of them anymore, and I owe that all to PLP.

(and my amazing mom who helped me through PLP).

Goodbye, I will miss you.

but I will see you around 😁😉🙃