The power of a single note

This weeks blogging challenge is to write about music, which is something a lot of people enjoy. Music creates a special atmosphere, so when listening to a certain type of song you have to be in the right kind of mood. A song can create a happy atmosphere or a sad one, or concentrated one. I like to listen to music when I’m doing homework because it can help me concentrate when there is a distracting noise going on outside, or just to help me get in a zone. I’ve created two playlists, one is a playlist full of songs that are good ones to pump you up and the other one is song that are calm but have a happy vibe. I’ve only added songs that I like now or used to really like.

Calm and happy,

Flatline– Orla Gartland                  In Vain– Sigrid                Dead Sea– The Lumineers

Flapper Girl– The Lumineers                       Here Comes the Sun– The Beatles

Big Jet Plane– Angus and Julia Stone         What Do I Do?– Georgia Ku

Shouldn’t Have Said It– Julia Michaels         Saturday Sun– Vance Joy

Someone You Loved– Lewis Capaldi           Trampoline– SHAED, ZAYN

The Bones– Maren Morris, Hozier                Donna– The Lumineers

Burned– Grace VanderWaal                         Hey, Soul Sister– Train


These photos have something in common and they tell the instrument I’ve always wanted to play,

I used to play the piano for 3 years. The stereo type for piano is, boring! And its kinda true in some ways but in others its not. Piano is the basic music instrument, it is used in so many songs. You probably don’t even notice it in some of the songs you listen to. The piano can be really fun to play because it get super complicated and is really fun to make your own songs. I made my own song that was pretty basic, but was really fun to make. I think just playing a instrument is really good, because it gives you something to connect with other people all around the world. Even if you don’t speak the same language, music is still written the same way.


Music is an amazing thing that everyone shares. Around the world different music is played but it all is related to one another. It is something that gives a little extra life to life!


When words fail, music speaks

– Shakespeare