Holidays in my house

It’s December soon and my family celebrates a lot of holidays during this month. We celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah.

Every Christmas we make a christmas card and send it out to all of our friends and family. Each year my Mom takes a photo, the photo is different every year and has some weird theme. This is something we do every year as a tradition. Last years card was a simple one,

Another thing that is a new tradition is cutting down our own christmas tree. We go out hiking and look for a tree under a power line so that we are allowed to cut it down. We than hike back with it and put it up in our house.The tree doesn’t always look the best but that is half the fun. This is one of my favourite traditions, because it creates a good lasting memory, and is super fun! This is the tree from last year,


We also light a menorah for eight days to celebrate Hanukkah. Every year we have a Christmas and Hanukkah party with our friends. We give gifts around and play fun games with each other. Then we all sit at one big table and have a huge meal. This is a really fun tradition that we’ve been doing for as long as I can remember.

The holidays is a really fun time of year that lots of people enjoy. I love celebrating the holidays with friends and family and am really happy I get to.


There is only one thing more precious than time and that is who you spend it with

– Leo Christopher