Star Wars- winter exhibition

Hi everyone!

Recently I have completed a big project that was all based on Star Wars! For this project we were taking more charge, on what we were creating and why. Our big question for this project was, How might I design and build an answer to my own inquiry? This question was for us to look and remember the main idea of the project, because during the project we would have many other things going on that could possibly distract us from the main idea. With this project we we using a cycle called the launch cycle. Launch stands for, L-look, listen, learn, A- ask tons of questions, U- understand the problem or process, N-Navigate ideas, C- create, H- highlight and fix. To start the project we had to come up with our own question about Star Wars that was something we were interesting in learning more about. My question was, What makes Star Wars such a memorable experience? Whith this question I was going to look into how is Star Wars still so popular, and well known.

Through all our steps of learning we were writing it down in our journal, this was something I’m not great at because I like just doing and not taking note of what I did and how I did it. I think I did a decent job for this project on keeping track of what I did. Here is the video of all my steps and what I did. I posted it on YouTube for everyone to see. You can also watch it right here,

When we started the project there was a lot of brainstorming, we were trying to narrow down our ideas and focus on a specific topic. Once we had our topic we made our question and then a How Might We question. My How Might We was, How might we convince someone who hasn’t seen Star Wars that it is a movie worth watching. This question was my goal for the project, I wanted to find an answer to this question and present it in the form of a project.


After brainstorming we had to start to make a plan and recognize all the work we had to do to make this work. I don’t think that at first I fully realized how much effort was going into this. After I started to work on it more though I started to see the final piece and what it was going to take to get there. I started to go through my ideas and narrow it down to one idea, I was starting to make very small prototypes, and seeing how my ideas would follow through. I also did a lot of research, so much I almost didn’t know what to do with all the information. With all the information I had recorded I started to sort it into useful and not useful. This is a video of me creating a prototype,


After I had all this information, and all the prototypes/ideas I had to try and combine them into one big project I was going to present at the exhibition. This was where I made more prototypes and revisited ideas. There was a lot of fixing small things in this step, during this process I didn’t fail miserably but I definitely failed. When I first started I was creating small people about of these sticks I had at home. When I finished making one it looked horrible! Here is a photo,

After seeing this I had find a new way to create these people. So I did some more research added found out her ways to create them. You can see them in a photo of my final copy down below. Here is a photo of another revision I made,

All while I was doing this I had to help create props that would turn a regular school room into a Star Wars planet. The planet my group was trying to make was Tatooine, an iconic Star Wars planet where one of the main characters grows up. Me and a group of grade eights were in charge of making footprints so that people coming to our planet would know where to go. I would say this was my biggest fail for this project. We were trying to create footprints that had sand on them. At first we tried glueing the sand on, and that was a terrible idea, none of the sand stuck. The we tried using a spray paint glue. This actually worked in the places we had glue in, but we didn’t have nearly enough glue to make enough. Now it was getting close to the exhibition day and we had to have something, so we grabbed some yellow paper traced a shoe and cut it out. The day of the exhibition we taped them to the floor. This sand footstep idea failed pretty bad, but I learned that you always have to have a backup and keep trying new ideas and ways to accomplish your goal. Even if you don’t get to your goal like me you still have to present something in the end.


I was also creating a Star Wars ship for scimatics. You can read more about that here.


For my final product I created a timeline, to show how Star Wars has been passed down a generation and how parents saw it when they were young and then showed their children now. I think part of why Star Wars is so memorable is the people you go with. Wether it be friends or family they help make the experience. Especially nowadays when Star Wars has become more of a tradition or a moment to almost relive past memories for adults. This is a picture of what I created,

This project taught me how to work on my own and how to problem solve better. I had to be creative and think logically at the same time. I really enjoyed doing this project, and am glad that I was able to have fun while doing it!


I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

-Thomas Edison