Where In The World Can I Visit A City – Ep 1 Where In The World

If you’ve landed on this blog post, I’m hoping you’ve listening to my first episode of Where In The World. If you came across it by chance go check it out here! The first episode was officially published on May 23, 2022, and we talked all about city travel. We started by looking into the top three city travel destinations and what they have to offer, then went into learning about how to travel locally if traveling to a far away city isn’t realistic for you. The episode ended by talking about what to pack when travelling to a city, and of course a special pack that I tell you about!

The three destinations that were covered were Bangkok, London, and Paris.

Bangkok – 

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and is located in Asia. Now, why do so many people travel here? Well for a number of reasons of course! Bangkok is the largest city in Thailand, it is full of life, culture an many many interesting places to go. They have stunning temples you can visit, like the Temple of Dawn, Wat Pho home of the reclining Buddha,or the former home of the Thai king which was built in 1782, along with many other beautiful temples. You can visit the floating market or take a ride along the rivers. It seems that no matter what you like dong Bangkok has something for you!

London – 

Next on the list is London, a bustling city located in England. Here you can ride the tube around the city, take photos on the London eye, and visit some of the many amazing museums they have like the british museum or Tate modern. In London you have many famous sights to see, such as Big Ben, Tower of London, or Buckingham palace. You can spend a whole day traveling around the city just sightseeing and you won’t get bored. When it comes to the evening, the nightlife is just as exciting. From pubs, to clubs, to live performances in the theatre, London will keep you busy all day long.

Paris – 

Last on the list is Paris. A city located in France, and a destination that has been a very popular spot to travel to for years. It is known as the romantic city and is one of Europes most visited cities. Now I’m sure many of you if not all of you know about the famous Eiffel Tower, a big tourist attraction in paris, and an amazing sight to see. As well as going to paris just to see the Eiffel Tower there are many other fun thing to do and see. While you’re there trying the amazing French Cuisine is a must. Whether its the pastries or some of their bigger meals, all of it is delicious.  Paris also has its fair share of landmarks, you can visit the louvre, Arc de Triomphe and more. Paris has much to offer, with amazing places to see and tasty treats to eat.

Those are our three city destinations that were talked about in this episode, but of course there are many more amazing cities to travel to in the world. I want to hear from you guys about the amazing cities you have travelled to, or maybe you live in a really cool city that you think is worthy of other peoples bucket list. Please comment at the bottom of this post and let all of us know!