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November 2020

Fractions of Your Time! – Summative Blog Post

The beginning of the second quarter in the school year marked the start of this new project called “Fractions of Your Time!” For this project, our driving question was “What fraction of my week is spent on screen time?” At… Continue Reading →

The Medium is the Message – Summative Blog Post

Our “driving question” for this project was “How does what see, hear, and read influence us?” Throughout the duration of this project, we focused a lot on media and how its message(s) affect us. By taking into account different perspectives,… Continue Reading →

The Medium is the Message Reflection

This project has been an interesting learning experience for myself. We have focused a lot on media and advertising throughout this project. Since I was sick at home, I wasn’t able to contribute much during class discussions and group work…. Continue Reading →

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