(The Exhibition Poster that Ariane, Sabrina, and I created)

In case you didn’t know, PLP also has seasonal exhibitions where we can showcase our work with the Seycove community, including our parents and teachers. 

(I recommend that you check out my reflection of the winter exhibition as well 😉)

Although I didn’t do much last year (besides walking around in a bright orange vest), this year we had a lot on our plate. We had to design and put together our own exhibits! It was very exciting to do something other than following tour groups this time around. 

This year’s exhibition was certainly unique. There were many strange things, such as questionable liquids, gym rolly thingamabobs from our childhoods, marvin, and g a r y. 

Unlike last year, our class got divided into “rooms” with different themes and driving questions. We were then assigned Grade 8s to help (just like last year’s exhibition, except we gave them more jobs… 😈) The theme of this year’s exhibition is “Becoming a PLP Learner.”

I got teamed up with my fellow classmates: Ariane, Fraser, Dana, Mickey, Sepaus, Ben Y, and Ewan. I also met some of the Grade 8s: Sydney, Jackson, Kira, Hannah, Tom, Frankie, Dylan, and Gwen.  

✨Our Driving Question✨

“How do we make deeper connections beyond our classroom?”

Before we could start on our exhibit, we needed to consider the driving question. We first attempted to come up with a solution, tying together all the experiences we did outside of the classroom.

We came up with this answer…

“Experiences outside the classroom can help us build our teamwork skills, develop student agency, and immerse ourselves in authentic experiences which we can apply to our future.”

Afterwards we began to plan the layout of our room. We generated tons of ideas! In the end, we stuck with these ones…

After lots of planning and revision, we were ready to move on to the next stage… WHICH WAS ACTUALLY BUILDING THE THINGS. 

In this stage, we had a lot of struggles, because building things can be finicky. We had to tone down some of our aspects to fit the deadline (such as the size of the school bus.) We also didn’t have the scooter thingys for the “canoe race”, so we had to improvise and bring skateboards last minute. 

In the end, I’m proud of the work we accomplished and I think our exhibit shows our hard work! I’m particularly fond of how the “canoe race” and “marvin the mailbox” turned out… ALTHOUGH WE HAD TO REMAKE MARVIN, BECAUSE HE WASN’T BIG ENOUGH :’)

Here are some photos from the exhibition night: 


(Special thanks to Wagon Driver for these photos)

Here’s some videos (including some “canoe race”/“rope ferry race” fails) recapping the night which were made by my fellow PLP learners:

I had a (surprisingly) great time at the exhibition! I helped with the “canoe race”/“rope ferry” throughout the night, and it was fun to occasionally race some random folks. 

Well, at least I didn’t get food poisoning from our “watered down orange juice…”

In the end, I learned KEY IMPORTANT life skills such as talking to random people, making a paper school bus, building a mailbox, and crafting various signs! (Talking to people was the hardest, but at least I’m never going to see them again…)