The more things change – summative post

In The More Things Change unit, we learned about New France and about the effects of European exploration. Me and Julian made a video about one survival tip that we thought people should know. We chose to do our video about how to make a shelter. It went well but it could have gone faster if we worked more efficiently.

The last project that we did was making an infographic about how European exploration affected all the people involved. We also completed a Pages package with a lot of things in it. One of the things that was in it was an Iron Chef protocol package about facts that we found about Quebec. I found that Cirque De SoleiIl was based in Quebec. Also I learned that coureurs des bois were unlicensed fur traders.

I was also proud of what Julian and I managed to make. The only thing I wish we did was make it faster.

My favourite part of this project is when me and Julian were putting little jokes into it even though almost all of them were taken out except for one picture I took of one copy:

The only difference was the that I put in was the Arrow.

I learned that European exploration helped a lot more than I thought because instead of helping for a short time it helped for hundreds of years. I think if I could do the project again I could’ve tweaked it a bit to make it better but it is very good for the time we had.

(Our infographic up in the school)

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