Ultimate Design Challange

For this most recent project the class was tasked with creating a 3D model of something that ether has more surface area of more volume. Me and Julian decided to make a spaceship because of how cool they look. The design that we decided to make was big and very complicated but we managed to make it even though it took two pages in Tinkercad to make it.

The presentation went well but it could have gone better because we were a little bit late presenting and we could have shown more pictures of the project.


Applying and Innovating

We innovated our design by changing our spaceships name because we named it the HMS. EMIPASHATSLPT, or the HMS Brown Crown “extra maneuverable interplanetary advanced super heavy assault and tactical support luxury passenger titan” class of stealth titans.

Reasoning and Analyzing

We analyzed how to make the Earth to mars spaceship and made it with a series of cylinders, cones and semicircles which would have been different if we were making an actual spaceship. We reasoned how the spaceship would work and how all the different parts of it could move if it was a real spaceship

Communicating and Representing

Me and Julian communicated because we both thought of cool Ideas for our project and how it could be better and we both thought of what our 3D model could be. We eventually decided to make a Earth to Mars Spaceship.

In total I think that the project was very fun and we did get a lot of work done, but if I could do it again, I would have gotten it done faster.

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