Comic cells

For this project we created a comic book about how cells and diseases interact. My comic went well but I could have done better.

My comic

For the first milestone I made a mind map in MindNode that was supposed to show what we know about how cells and diseases interact. I did a good job on it because I put down all I knew and thought about the topic in the mind map.

For milestone 2 I made a disease wanted poster. I think I did well because I put lots of details into it and made it seem like it was made during the time of the plague. This and the other milestones led up to Milestone 5.

The milestone 5 competencies were:

Questioning and predicting

For this competency I demonstrated a sustained curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest by staying interested in the project and searching up facts that could help support my topic. I was interested in the bubonic plague because it was one of the most deadly plagues in the history of the world. I learned lots of good facts and used them in my comic.

Scientific communication

I used the facts that I found to help my story progress and I used pictures of my main character and the human immune system to make characters that made up the story. I think illustrating them this way made it a little bit easier to find out and share what the bubonic plague did to the body’s cells.


I researched facts about the Bubonic plague to create a story of what would have probably happened in comic form. I also learned a lot of facts about the plague that I put into the comic as well. I showed how the cells interacted with the plague virus and showed one of the possible outcomes of what would have happened if they interacted.  I gave my story a happy ending but during the plague times, it may not have happened this way.

Thanks for reading my last PLP 8 blog and have a good night.

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