Meiosis vs Mitosis

For this post I am going to briefly describe the last scimatics project. This project we created a video showing meiosis vs mitosis. The project was ok. I had a good amount of fun and learned from completing it. I am relatively proud of the video that I made. I have felt that there is not many examples of me finding a way to learn from this. I have leaned from the stepping stones though. Those stepping stones helped me by showing how to complete the main project. Over the course of the project I learned more about Meiosis and Mitosis and had a fun time.


questioning and predicting:

Over the time I spent researching for this project I have Learned more about meiosis and mitosis and I have liked it.

Planning and conducting:

I felt like I did a good job planning what I was going to do next and I worked effectively.

Scientific communication:

I put a good amount of  work creating the video and I felt like I did well even though the video was short.

My video:

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