End of year

Blog post. Humanities final. This year was good. Doing good projects. Some of the things I did I was quite proud of, debating for example. I have never done something like that. It went terribly, but I did something new I guess. 

I learned quite a bit over this year, how to make a nuclear bomb, how to become a political leader, and learning about the place I’d live for the next two three years. All of those were nice to learn. It has given me the ability to do exactly what I want. In other words, its nice things to know. Would I want to elongate these projects? Yes. I felt I learned a lot, but I also feel like there is more to learn.

Thank you for reading. See you next year.

Fear factor

The Fear factor project is a continuation of the Manhattan Project project, but more based around the Cold War. In this continuation we went to see deactivated missile silos, we saw a replica of “Big Boy”. Big Boy was the bomb dropped on Nagasaki. In the underground mansion that we went to, we saw …(drum roll)… an underground mansion! I’m making it sound like I didn’t enjoy it. I did. History lesson: the mansion was built in the 70’s because the owner was rich and liked the idea, not because they were worried about an impending nuclear attack. The trip was fun. Well… any trip is fun. I got to know a lot more about my classmates. I talked a lot more. Guess I had more to say, which helped me start conversations for once. I learned a lot on the trip. I created a bit of a fact book amount aviation advancements during that time, unfortunately it was never finished. Overall, liked the project, learned a lot, but unfortunately I was too distracted to take advantage of the opportunity.