November 27

Frakchuns Bloug Postd *fractions blog post*

For our first project in scimatics 8 we had to make a graph of our screen time for the week. I really enjoyed this, it was super fun and it really made me think “hmm, I’m on my phone a lot”

Communicating and Representing

If you look at the graph at the bottom of the post about half of my day is on screen time and obviously the other half is non screen time. Now you’re probably wondering what “how many wins Metallurg has” is (and if you weren’t here it is anyway) in this project we tracked screen time but also had to track one other thing. Most people did sleep, exercise, reading etc. Now I’m a huge sports guy and without the NHL I’ve been following the KHL a hockey league in Russia and I’ve took interest in this team called the Metallurg Magnitogorsk, so for my extra thing, I tracked Metallurg, their wins and chances at beating the top 7 teams. This was extremely challenging because the KHL website doesn’t have much in the name of stats so that was fun. How I got the chances at beating the top 7 teams was partly based on the standings but mostly based on how many times they’ve beat them and a tiny bit on goal differential.

Understanding and Solving

I think I did pretty good on this project. I recorded all my screen time, had enough pie charts and graphs and worked around the lack of stats on the KHL website. My oral presentation went a lot better than I had imagined it would go, I (think) I was able to show my ideas clearly. I had definitely planed to say a lot more in my head but I was to nervous and wanted to get it over with quickly. Working with the Numbers app was super cool, I have never used anything like this and just found it cool that I had a bunch of graphs and charts and it could add up my number totals so I wouldn’t have to do any math.

Applying and Innovating

Throughout this project we did 2 quizzes on fractions and I surprisingly did fairly well. I used my class time pretty productively (except for a few Madden Mobile 21 breaks 🤫) and was able to help my classmates.

Overall I would like to spend a bit less time on screens then I currently do and do more productive stuff.

So as this blog post comes to an end, I am going to show you my final project 🥁

And with that, goodbye and remember, shirt. Gov is the only place to get your shirt

November 17

The Medium is the Message project post

In class, we recently finished our project on how the medium is the message. For this project we had a driving question, it was “how does what we hear, read, and see influence us?”. Throughout milestones 1-6 it was around milestone 3 when I got my answer, what we watch on TV and YouTube, what we Google, what we say, what we buy online influences us because our phones and TV’s hear us and know what we search, buy, and watch so it will show ads for products that we will most likely buy.

It all started with milestone 1, where we watching a really long ad on Apple’s HomePod mini called Welcome Home. After watching this ad, we had to write a paragraph on who the target audience and how it reached them. Now this seems like it was easy, I had some trouble with this. I was not very good at finding the target audience for ads but I was able to figure it out.

Then we went on to milestone 2 and 3. These were my personal favourite milestones. We chose a historical ad (it had to be a different one for each milestone) and find the target audience. After milestone 1 I had a better idea on how to do that plus I got to choose the ad. I had lots of fun with these milestones because I got to write about an ad with a kid holding a gun.

Then of course we did milestones 4 through 5 but milestone 6 was the big one. It was our final ad for the local Deep Cove business we chose and in my group it was hectic. We were unorganized and all over the place. Because we we unorganized we had about 10 minutes to make this ad so it didn’t turn out to well but at least we got it done!

This project was, well… “fun” I guess. Well it is now time for me to go and the Metallurg hockey team is messaging me on Instagram so I better go answer! Goodbye until next time.

Final ad ⬆️

November 9

Advertisement project reflection


For our latest project, we split into groups of about 5 and had to choose a local Deep Cove business and make an advertisement for that business, here is me reflecting on this project.

The business my group chose A’hoy, a clothing shop in the Deep Cove village. So, we had to contact the business before we started to make sure they were okay with us creating an ad for them, then (if they said yes) we called them so we could ask them what they wanted the ad to look like, colour scheme, what product they wanted us to advertise, font, etc. Once we had finished our call, it was time to start making our ad. However, this would not be the one we would use, this, was draft 1.

Draft 1 was basically learning how to make an advertisement. We learned the amount of fonts and colours we should stick to, how many photos we should have, and other key parts to making an ad. Once we finished making our 1st draft (all individually by the way) we reported back to our group to get feedback on what was good and what we could improve. Then we would go on to draft 2.

Going in to draft 2 we had a bit more knowledge on how to make a good looking ad plus we had been given feedback from our group so we had a better idea on how the ad should look. So we went through the same process, we made the ad and went and presented it to our group. So of course we went on to draft 3.

Draft 3, was when we started thinking about the ad that we would send to our business so we needed to make the next 2 drafts our best ones yet. So we went on and made our 3rd drafts. But when we went to present them. To our group, we chose 2 things from each persons ads to put in our main one that we would send to the business.

The 4th draft was basically draft 1 of our good copy’s. These ones would be sent to the business for some feedback. These ads were worked on as a group so it was definitely a lot more complicated then our individual drafts.

We are now working on our final ad that our business will hopefully be using!
This has been a really fun yet really frustrating project but it has been fun watching all our ads progress from draft 1, to draft 4.