February 25

Emoji story


once apon a time there was a cat. He was a happy cat. Why so happy? Because every day he went and got his nails painted. But one day when he went to the salon the building was destroyed by the devil!!! The happy cat, was a mad cat, so he teamed up with mr bird. They plotted a plan to get rid of the devil. Then mr bird had an idea,  “why don’t we team up with an angel!?” So they did. After thinking for a while. They decided to lure the devil with a woman. However the devil knew the whole plan. So after going out with her for a bit, he held the woman hostage!! Then mr bird turned red because he was teamed up with the devil. They teamed up to destroy the world and everyone was sad

February 19

Plus Crier, The Artist Who Never Existed

Plus Crier’s album “At The Mall”

Plus Crier’s album “In The Lobby”

Who is Plus Crier? Plus Crier is a “band” from the early 70’s, why did I put band in quotation marks? I’ll get to that in a minute. First off, I’ll start with some of their songs. A few of Plus Crier’s songs were Carrots, Ships in the Bay, Room 21, In the Lobby, and popular hit At The Mall. Their 2 albums were In The Lobby which was released in 1973 and At The Mall which was released in 1975. The song At The Mall took off, it was added to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. Then suddenly, it all disappeared. Plus Crier’s music was gone. It was taken off Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, you name and music platform, it was gone. When something like this happens it’s normally something that happened with the copyright, the record label, or some other legal issue, and that’s exactly what happened. The popularity of At The Mall caught the attention of De Wolfe Music. De Wolfe Music is a huge British music company that specializes in the entertainment industry. They make music for all sorts of big Hollywood company’s. 5 years after Plus Crier released At The Mall, De Wolfe Music released the song Mr. Lucky, which sounds identical to At The Mall. This sounds pretty strange because why would a massive music company copy a song, and why would Plus Crier not say anything about it? The song Mr. Lucky was composed by Sir Karl Jenkins who is a well respected artist in the music industry. Now At The Mall and Mr Lucky aren’t the only Plus Crier songs that sound like other songs according t0 https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/paralirava/album/260580-at-the-mall/   A bunch of other Plus Crier songs sound the same as other songs. I also found it strange that a band from the 70’s would re-upload all their music in 2020. I also found it weird that there was no photos of the band anywhere. That’s because Plus Crier isn’t a real band from the 70’s. Plus Crier is a YouTube downloader bot that took some old songs, put a bit of a spin on them, then posted them. They put the input date as 1975 so they seemed legit.

At The Mall: https://youtu.be/57LZmyAnP6M
Mr. Lucky: https://youtu.be/ZZLyx_Owqec

Here are some of the other Plus Crier songs:
Carrots: https://youtu.be/Ap-tFncnV6k
In The Lobby: https://youtu.be/ir8axceFxMw

Quiz on Plus Crier here!


February 16

Fun with photos

Me, March 18th 2018, American Family of Fields Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona

I chose this photo to represent my worldview, why? Well here’s the reason.

I feel this represents my worldview because it was more than 1 aspect. It shows geography because it was my first time in a US state that isn’t Washington or Oregon. I think it also shows value because this is my favourite MLB team and I do value being able to watch their games, have their merchandise , and even see them live like in the photo. It also shows time because this was taken in the morning and I was tired 😅

The story:
Well first off I’ll start with why I’m a Brewers fan. Well it’s really simple, I saw a cheap Brewers jersey so I got it and have been a fan since. So know to the photo. This photo was taken in Arizona during the 2018 MLB Spring Training, my dad and I went for my birthday! The photo is me and a Brewers AA player who I forgot his name.

So yeah, that is my fun with photos day 4 blogging challenge post! Thanks for reading!


February 10

Metallurg Magnitogorsk; Who are they?

When the NHL season came to an end last year, I started closely following the KHL. When picking a team to cheer for the Metallurg Magnitogorsk stuck out to me. The name,I thought, was very interesting and the logo is sweet too.

So now,, who are they? The Metallurg Magnitogorsk are a KHL team that plays in the Kharlamov division in the Eastern conference, they are currently 2nd in the division, 3rd in the conference and 4th in the whole league, so they are a pretty good team this year. However, last year Magnitogorsk had a poor season, they finished with a record of 28-25-5 and only recording 65 points. In their best season they had a record of 41-13-2 and racking up a total of 124 points.

Fun fact! Pittsburg Penguins forward Evgeni Malkin played for them in 2005 during the NHL lockout season.

From the highlights and parts of games I’ve watched,, it appears that Canadian Taylor Beck is their superstar and Sergi Mozyakin is the team captain. My favourite player on Magnitogorsk is goalie Juho Olkinuora from Finland
Juho has also played in the NHL with the Winnipeg Jets and for my favourite Finish team the Lahti Pelicans.

About a week ago, I threw together a YouTube video for them, it was very hard to find music that wasn’t copyrighted and it was about midnight when I found a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” trap remix so I just went with that. Here it is

Now, if you know me you know I collect hats and before you ask,, yes, I have a Metallurg baseball cap and I also have a toque as there’s on the way. I got my gear from the KHL Fan Shop and it does take a while to arrive but WOW! IS IT COMFY!! If you are looking for KHL merchandise I definitely recommend them!

Thanks for reading!