May 14

Chemistry coding

In class, we just finished the Chemistry coding project. This project was centred on the atomic theory and the kinetic molecular theory. At the start of this project I had no clue what these were but now have a pretty good understanding of how atoms behave and how the react with other atoms.

For this project we had to create a game or simulator that included the kinetic molecular theory. For the first step, we had to draw atomic models that we would include in our game.

Then, we had to make a list of what would be in our game and how the user would interact with it so our teacher could tell us if it included the kinetic molecular theory or not.

Then, we got to code our game. To code our game we used a software called scratch. I have used scratch before but was never really that good at it so coding the game was a bit challenging but I got it done.

Questioning and predicting: i went off task a few times during this project but I still spent most of my time on class working on the game and fixing it so it could be as good as possible.

Scientific communication: I showed this skill in learning. At the start of this project, I had no knowledge on matter, molecules, and atoms. Now I know a lot about atoms like how they move, what causes them to melt, what causes them to slow down or speed up.

Reasoning and analyzing: I was able to improve my game by learning from the mistakes I made in the previous versions. My coding skills improved by fixing the bugs and mistakes in the game.

Overall this project was a bit frustrating because scratch isn’t always that good but other than that it was super fun and i had a great time coding the game.