June 3

Ultimate design challenge

Hey, I am back once again to recap on another project! For this project we got to make a 3D object designed for maximum surface area or maximum volume. I worked in a group with Dylan and Carter and we designed a garbage/recycling bin for maximum volume.

Reasoning and Analyzing
As I mentioned before, we designed a recycling bin for maximum volume. We weren’t sure what to make, then we randomly thought of a recycling bin, no clue why or where it came from, but since we couldn’t think of anything else, we went with it. Here is our model:

Carter designed the wheels and I did the calculations

I designed the bin and Dylan did the calculations

And Dylan designed the lid and carter calculated it.

Communicating and Representing

We had to measure 3 shapes volume and surface area, cylinder, rectangular prisms, and triangular prisms. Here are the formulas and our calculations:

Calculating the volume and surface area of the cylinders was pretty hard and confusing. It took me a few tries to get the correct answer, but eventually I did.

Applying and innovating

During this project I was focused and on task the whole time. No distractions whatsoever. I was perfect. Ok,, maybe not, but I tried to stay focused the whole time and was on task for the most part.

One complaint I have is that tinkercad, the program we worked in, wasn’t always the best. It would always say “session lost or expired” then when you recovered it you would end up on the other side of the grid nowhere close to where you were working. Other than that this project was super cool. Would definitely do it again.

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