October 18

First project of grade 9

Hey everyone, I have returned under a new blog name (The Surrey Knights super incredible great success blog site. Ru) and in a new grade (9) and I am going to talk about the first project I have completed in the 9th grade! This project was a lot like our first project in sci-matics 8, which is making a game. Obviously this time around, there is more complex math. We had to make our game revolving around exponent laws.

Curricular Competencies:

Communicating and Representing

Our game was based of poker but with exponent laws. Every card had an exponent law and a different picture of a dog for each exponent law. How the game works is everyone gets 5 cards and the chips are given out evenly amongst all the players. The dealer starts off the game by betting any amount they want. Players can look at their cards and the rankings of the laws. The rankings of the exponent laws best to worst are: Division Law, Distributive Property Law, Exponent to Exponent Law, Coefficient Law, and Multiplication Law. Once everyone has bet, the players reveal their cards, who ever has the best hand wins the round. The player with the most amount of points at the end of the game wins. I was sick for the first few days of class so I fell behind and found the math super difficult to understand. So while my group was already starting on the game, I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I eventually got caught up and was still able to contribute in card design and cutting out the game chips/cards.
Example of card:

Reasoning and Analyzing

We had instructions on how you win rounds and how our chip based point system works. Each chip had either a 5, 10, 15, or 20 on it to show how many points each chip is worth. If you were playing the game in Morristown, New Jersey, then everyone realized they were in Morristown, NJ and wanted to leave, the winner of the game would be decided by whoever has the most points.

Applying and Innovating
As I mentioned before, I missed the first few days of school so I fell behind a little behind. But as I caught up this ended up being a very fun project. Designing the cards and testing our game was super fun. The biggest thing I learned from this project would be to try to stay on top of your work if you are sick!

Alright! That’s about it for now! Thanks for reading!

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