November 29

Correlation vs causation

We have now finished our second project in scimatics 9. This project was on Correlation and Causation. For this project we had to make a graph based of the data we got from surveys we made.

We started this project off with making 10 questions that we would put in our survey. We would then put our questions into a survey on google forms. Once we finished making our surveys we printed QR codes that go to our survey and put them up around the school. Then, we waited for answers, Colton and I got a total of 23 responses on survey 1 and 52 on survey 2.

We did get a good amount of responses to work with, so here are our graphs:

Planning and Conducting:

I think we accomplished this competency. We conducted 2 surveys and did end up finding correlation in both of them. We used Numbers to create our graphs and Google Forms to make our surveys.

Communicating and representing:

We presented our surveys to the class and were able to clearly explain what we were asking, and the correlation we found in our graphs. We were also able to use images to explain correlation and causation.

Applying and Innovating:

I think we accomplished this competency too. We made good surveys and used our class time somewhat efficiently.

I really enjoyed this project. I thought it was super fun. I hope we do a project similar to this one sometime soon.

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