January 7

French Revolution 🇫🇷🥖

We have now finished the final PLP 9 Humanities project of 2021. The project was a trial based off a major revolution in history. We went to court and had to explain how the revolution you were given was either effective or ineffective. The group I was in was given the French Revolution and had to explain how it was effective.

We kicked off this project with this thing called “Nation X”. Basically the class was split into 4 groups,, group 1 were the really poor people, group 2 were the store owners, group 3 was police, and group 4 was the government. Some how, I was put in the government and had a very corrupt nation, my great leadership led to the people storming the capital. It was pretty fun and kinda funny how bad of a government I had.

We then started reading George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. We would read a couple chapters at home then we would discuss what we thought about those chapters, any questions we had, what we think will happen, etc. I thought the book was ok, not incredible, but not horrible.

Then we were put in our revolution groups. I as mentioned before, I was given the. French Revolution. For the first couple of days, we just discussed what we knew about the revolution. Then we met with the French group in the other class to start building our script. We obviously did many run-throughs before it was time to present.

We would be presenting in front of our family and friends at the PLP Winter Exhibition. I was playing the role as a lawyer. During the presentation, I thought I did half decent, the lights on the crowd were dimmed so you couldn’t see the people watching. I think that helped a lot because I hate presenting in front of people.

Overall, this project was really fun and I would totally want to do it again!

Watch our presentation here!

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