January 31

What’s a poetry

What’s a poetry? I don’t know! Well that was until our most recent project in humanities “working with words”. For this project we had to write 2 poems a class about worldview. I’ve never really written poetry nor do I really enjoy poetry so this was an interesting experience. 

We wrote 8 different types of poems, haiku, simile, metaphor, experience, personification, self portrait, sound, and imagery. We also learned 18 different poetry terms. I don’t really enjoy writing poetry but writing the imagery poem was kinda fun.

As we wrote our poems, we would add them to a poetry book, and every poem included a voice note about how it connects to us. I also included images with every poem. Our books also included an about me page.

For this project the driving question was “How might I construct text that shows who I am right now?” We answered that with our poems. Here is my book:


Overall I didn’t really enjoy this project but it was something new and I did learn a lot of new things about poetry.

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