March 11

Case For A Nation 🇨🇦🇰🇿

In PLP 9 we have just finished our recent project called “Case For A Nation”. In Case For A Nation we learned about Canadian history and iconic figures from the past.

We started this project talking about things that are important to Canadian culture and identity. Then we discussed nationalism and current events. We had to do a presentation on a current event and connect it to nationalism. I wrote about the 2022 Kazakh Unrest. I connected it to nationalism because the protests show that the Kazakhs have pride in who they are. Now rioting and burning stuff down isn’t necessarily the best way to get something you want but when the Kazakh government has been as corrupt as it was for so long it was probably the only way to do it. My question on the topic was “the citizens of Kazakhstan achieved what they wanted, but cities were damaged, hundreds were killed, and thousands arrested, so was it really successful?”.

After this we had debates about different statues of famous Canadian figures being torn down. Then it was time for the big part of the project. We picked a crucial event in Canadian history and had to make an image about it. I chose the Metis List Of Rights. I learned a lot about Louis Riel and Metis history over the course of the project such as how poorly the First Nations were treated and how crucial the List Of Rights was to the creation of Manitoba. I learned about Louis Riels “Red River Resistance” that lead to the signing of the Metis List of Rights. The final project, as i mentioned, was 3 images created by me and 2 other group members that we feel represent our topic. This is my image. It is a painting of the land of the red river colony, with a map, Louis riel, and the metis flag faided into the back. It also has the red river rebellion on the side

It will be posted here

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