June 20

Situational Awareness 😱

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. For our last project in maker we have been working on a podcast series so in this post I will be talking about that.

First we had to pick a topic and make a “vision board” for it. We were allowed to pick a topic we were passionate about and that definitely made this project a lot easier. The topic I chose to do my podcast on was hockey, more specifically Jr hockey. I wanted to highlight different leagues, talk about different levels/teams, drawing from my experiences and my friends experiences.  

My vision board

After this it was pretty much right into planning, so for me this looked like finding people to interview for my podcast and what questions to ask them. This was also coming up with a name and designing cover art. The name I decided on for my podcast is “Situational Awareness”, the name comes from a game my coach played with us last season where he’d throw some sticks onto the ground then ask what number it is between 1 and 5 and saying to pay close attention to the sticks, but he would be holding the number on his hand, so you would need to be situationally aware to get the correct number.  Then for my cover art I made it look like the jersey for the Barrhead Bombers Jr A hockey club, a Jr A team I was given the chance to play for as an underage player in Jr A. My time with the Jr A Barrhead Bombers was short but I really enjoyed playing at the Jr A level and the Jr A experience.

Here is my cover art, as you can see it looks like the Jr A Barrhead Bombers jersey, just with my podcast name and not their logo. The blood stains on the jersey represent the violence and fighting on and off the ice in Jr A hockey, which you can learn more about on my podcast.

Overall, i thought this was a really fun project. There were a lot of challenges to overcome such as getting people to interview, finding time to record while i was in Europe, translating questions and answers, and a lot of recording issues. Throughout this project I learned a lot about different hockey leagues across the world, patience, and even a little russian while recording an episode about the MHL in Kazakhstan.

Episodes for my podcast:

MHL – Vlad Shtenko, goalie for Kyran Karanganda ✅

CAJHL – Ben Yerxa, centre for Barrhead Bombers

PJHL – Justin Collusi, defenseman for Richmond Sockeyes

GMHL – Noah Mayer, defenseman for Edson Eagles

USPHL – Noah Mayer, defenseman for Rogue Valley Royals

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