Running a remake

For our last unit in Maker class we were studying short films and how to make them. Our goal was to answer the driving question ‘What technologies, tools, and strategies can we utilize to create short films?’. Our project was to create a perfect copy of a one minute long horror film called ‘run’. Here is the video original ‘Run’ from YouTube.

Our first assignment of the project was about our personality types. We took a test from 16personalities and got the results. We were then supposed to take a screenshot of our type and mention a couple strengths and weaknesses of our type. This was to understand your strengths as a learner. I think I did well on this first milestone of the project but didn’t really extend beyond the basic assignment.

Our next jobs, after we were put in groups, was to create a screenplay, storyboard, and call sheet to plan for our project. In my group was Alex and Finn These are all different methods used to plan filming stuff. The screenplay is basically to write out the scenes on paper and figure out what is happening. The next step is to make a storyboard, where you show animations and images to bring the story to life and see if it is actually good. After that you make a call sheet. The call sheet is basically to set up the filming, it shows the props needed and other important information like everyone’s roles. Here is our screenplay, storyboard, and call sheet.


All of that was the pre production, now it’s onto the production and post production. As this was supposed to be a perfect copy of the original we had to find props and outfits to make it as close as possible. After my group had all the costumes we went into the forest by the school and found a trail to film. It was a pretty dismal day and was really raining so that was difficult but we still got all but one scene filmed. After some editing and adding sounds effects we had completed our first draft. Here it is…

After showing that video to a different group and handing it in we got this feedback.


We looked over it and revised what we could including a complete change to the location to make it look like more of a trail similar to that in the original. Another thing we did for the new one is completely change the sound effects and go through multiple different drafts for the music. We also changed how the monster looked. After filming the video again and revising the other parts of the video this was our final product.

I think the driving question can be answered completely by the process and apps used for the video. All the tools and technologies like iMovie, garage band, keynote, pages and iMessage were used to create parts of the project or collaborate to get it done. And for strategies, the collaboration over keynote and communication over iMessage were very important for the ability to have everyone know their roles and do their parts and sent them in real time.

This has been a pretty fun project in general. being able to have creative app freedom meant we could all use different and unique methods to add to our parts and make everything unique even though it is all supposed to look the same. I do think it could have been more fun if you had more freedom as to what your video actually was but this format was probably best for learning the skills of pre production, production, and post production.

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