Take your kid to work day

A few days ago, was take your kid to work day. The annual event that all Canadian grade nine students take part in. While the tasks for the students may be different, the main idea stays the same.

Recently, I went to the work place of my dad for take your kid to work day. My dad works at Telus. He is an electrical engineer for the company. He has worked there for over 20 years, switching between jobs over the years though. I’m still not really sure what the projects he works on are but, it was pretty exiting sounding to go see how everything worked over at his office, but what was even more exiting was that a bunch of employees had gotten together to plan a large tour that went through all sorts of places in the two main Telus buildings in Downtown Vancouver. We got to go in all sorts of rooms, from the top of a building to the basement we pretty much saw it all.

Anyways, to my task. Our assignment in PLP was to create a video documenting what we did for the day and including an interview.

Here is my finished video:

The first competency we were being accessed on was “Question self and others about how individual purposes and passions can support the needs of the local and global community when considering career choices.”. I think I have completed this by the questions I asked in my interview. My first piece of evidence is my question about what affects my interviewee’s job has on society linking with passions that support the local community part of the competency. I also think my question about what the company as a whole stand for represents the competency but on a wider scale so more representing the purpose for supporting the global community part.

The next competency was “Recognize the impact of personal public identity in the world of work.”. I think I have shown my understanding of this competency with my video because of my interview and the pictures and smaller videos in my video. For my interview point I think my question about the affects of his job on society branched into this because it went to talk about why my interviewee enjoys and think his job is good. For my reason about the media I included in my video, I think that it is the environment seen in these pictures that represents the competency. I say this because we are largely affected by our environment. If we generally are in a blank white room like where they take the payments, we would most likely be more accustomed to that colour and that would move more into your identity and other parts of life. This is because you would have a preference for that colour when doing stuff such as deciding what colour to paint something.

The final competency we are to be accessed on is “Recognize and explore diverse perspectives on how work contributes to our community and society.”. I think this can be represented by my showing and talking about the many places in the workplace I went through. I have come to this conclusion because going to each of these places, I have seen many people, with very different jobs working in all very different areas and still working in tandem and keeping a multi billion dollar company going with their roles. I think perspective ties into this because, people’s personal perspective on certain things affects the jobs they decide to do.


Thanks for reading about my experience on Take your kid to work day.

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