Revolutions of the world

Over the past while in humanities class, we have been studying and doing projects on revolution. We studied many revolutions and their causes. In my group for this unit and all the projects that came with it, was Thomas, Jude, Kaden and myself. Our projects were to make videos in all different formats about each different revolution.

The first revolution we focused on was the French Revolution. We learned about all the causes for the revolution like France’s massive spending on the American Revolution. To represent our learning, the format of video my group used was called “John Green” after the YouTuber who makes informational videos that use a mix of animations with voice over, and clips of him talking. Here is what we were able to make.

As you can see, this has many problems. The audio overtop of animations was a big problem along with not having any music. Since there was no time for revision as we were going right into the next revolution, this was never fixed.

The next revolution we focused on was the American Revolution. After learning the basics about who was involved and important events we had to make our video. The style of video my group chose was “act it out”. My group, along with a few other classmates helping out, went around to different places to film all the important events of the revolution. Here is the video.

We thought the video was fairly well but maybe we acted too well as it was deemed too violent and inappropriate to be good.

The third revolution we focused on was the Russian revolution. My group decided to make a rap song about this revolution to try and explain it. I wasn’t very confident in this idea as I greatly dislike the rap genre but we were able to make a fairly informative video with a nice beat and few problems. One of the only problems was the music being a bit too loud and the music being a bit out of sync with the videos. Here is our rap.

After these videos. We were supposed to choose any revolution in history for a final video of any format. My group decided, after a bit of back and forth to make our video a mix of formats where we acted certain events out. We mixed that with pictures about the revolution that we talked over. We were quite delayed in finishing many pre production factors as we were missing a man but we did come through with them and were ready to film our video. We ended up filming our video on two different days in different places because we didn’t have army costumes the first day of filming. After collecting images and everyone in the group’s voice recordings, we added it all together and got some music to create our final video. Here is our screen play for our final video and our final video.

We got some pretty extensive feedback about our video, but because of terrible group communication and about half the group being hellbent on keeping our format, we didn’t end up taking the feedback and revising our video.

I think these videos reflect my understanding of the competency “cause and consequence” quite well. this is fairly basic as in all of our videos we talked about what caused the revolutions in a fair bit of detail. We also at the end of each video talk about the consequences of each revolution. An example being our rap song, where we talked about how the citizens were still oppressed after the Bolsheviks came into power.

I think I have shown the competency “evidence”, in all my videos for this project. I think this because me and my group used many different sources of information to get the content fro each of our videos regardless the format.

The third competency for this project is “create and extend shared understanding”. I think I have shown my understanding of this competency because of working with my group we went through many ideas for most things. We shared these and when put together, were able to create our completed videos. Another thing is the reflections done for each section of the “Revolution” book (mentioned below). In those we had to share with a group and then hear their opinions and interpretations which gave a better understanding.

For the competency “text compression and appreciation strategies”, I think my videos prove as evidence. I think being able to use these formats of video, requires an understanding of all sorts of different articles on the subjects we are focusing on. I also think that just the formats alone reflects on this because, we have translated the information given and found into these formats while still keeping the videos understandable and letting you learn from them.

Another side part of this unit was reading the book “revolution” by Jennifer Donnelly. After each section of the book we had to do a certain role to reflect on it. After we finished reading the book we had to make a final reflection about it. I chose to do a “photo essay” where I chose photos that would be important to the main character of the book and talked about why they would be important. Here is my reflection.

The driving question for the unit was “how do ideas drive change”. I think I can answer that by using all of these revolutions as evidence. When you come up with a new idea, people are interested in it. Whether they are just curious or they are fed up with the current system, they will want to try new stuff to see if it will better society, and I don’t think this will ever stop as the perfect utopia will never be achievable for everyone.

Thanks for reading my reflection on this unit.

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