Chemistry Stories

The last unit in scimatics was called “chemistry stories”. In this unit, we learned all about atoms, ions, and all the compounds they can create. We learned about ionic bonds, where ions and atoms exchange electrons. And covalent bonds, where ions and atoms share electrons. We learned that the reason for these is because they all want a full valence shell so they can be more stable.

Our project for this unit, was to create an animation using the app “explain everything”. We had to represent ionic and covalent bonding in this animation. Here is what I made.

The big idea of this project was, how the electron arrangement in atoms impacts their chemical nature. I was able to show this because I used bohr models in my animation to better show the electrons arrangement of my models. I was sure to make my animation clear and clean to make sure it would be easy to understand.

Here is a mind map I made at the start of the project with questions about it. Now, at the end, I have answered them as best as I could to relate to the project.

The first competency for the project was called communication. This was described as “formulate physical or mental theoretical models to describe a phenomenon”. I think I was able to do this by using descriptive voice overs on top of my animation. I also used proper and specific technical language to help the viewer learn more.

The second competency was processing and analyzing. For this we had to interpret different models or diagrams. I think I was able to show this in both sections of my video. They both showed the exchange or sharing of electrons, clean and in detail. I was sure to use a multivalent metal and polyatomic ion and describe those also using my models.

The third and final competency we were tasked with completing was Questioning and predicting. This is about demonstrating your curiosity and motivation in completing the project. I was able to show this by using my class time effectively and staying on task. I think a reason for this sustained motivation was the ability to choose was ions and compounds you did.

Overall this was quite a fun project and very interesting because of the create freedom given to us. I’m looking forward to the next project.

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