Hello, and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to briefly touch on one of our recent assignments. This assignment, was to make TikToks. TikToks are the videos that you make on the social media app TikTok. This may seem like a silly, unproductive assignment to give a class of kids, but it quite a bit more meaning to it than just that. We were looking deeper into what memes are, the reason TikTok is so popular, and how it relates to nationalism, which I will mention in a later post. The driving question of the project this is for is, “how can we use current memes to represent the affects of nationalism”.

What we studied for this assignment, was how memes could be compared with the theory of evolution. The argument for this is that memes mutate themselves as they spread across the internet. This can be seen if you pay attention to current meme trends and watch as certain aspects of memes are put into other new memes, but some aren’t.

Here are the three TikToks I made:

The competency for this assignment was “how do I share my own ideas when I write, speak and represent”. I think I was able to show this fairly well as I used popular songs, formats, or media to show my ideas for the TikToks.

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