Hello, and welcome to my mid year presentation of learning. In this post, I will show evidence of what I have done so far this year, and how I plan to further my learning by thinking about my prior experiences.

I will start off by talking about a humanities project that I struggled with, that may be my best opportunity to improve as a learner, was the revolutions project. In that project, my group and I had many problems. The biggest probably being communication. My team members, and myself for this project had virtually no communication and argued over who would do what. When it came to feedback on what we had created, we were told to do something but either lacked motivation to do it, or the communication factor played on and it took hours to figure out who would do what. In future my goal is to avoid stuff like this from happening by using apps like Basecamp, and using class time for better planning of what me and my group can do later as that is an essential skill.

A project I think that I did quite good on but could improve on, was the “chemistry stories” project that I did in scimatics before the winter break, that was presented at the exhibition. I was able to make my video fairly good, with all the necessary aspects, but my class time use wasn’t great. I did get distracted quite a bit during the project’s duration, which led me to do it somewhat last minute, meaning that it would be more stressful, and I wasn’t able to add certain extra cosmetic aspects to make it look good. I think a skill that would help me improve on these things is my time management/reducing procrastination. I think I can get better with these by setting time limits of specific apps, and planning when I’m going to do homework on a longer term basis.

Not that long ago in PGP, there was a project for the annual “take your kid to work day”. I think my work for this project was quite good, and something that I should look at for how I can do well as a learner in future. While out on my trip to my dad’s work, I kept focused on the assignment the entire time and was able to get some good picture of almost every aspect of the tour I was able to go on. This focus on recording evidence and staying on task can be helpful in all aspects of school if I am able to keep that mindset. I think I can do this by keeping a list of things I must do on me for whatever place I am going to, and also setting hard deadlines that will make the work more urgent to do, or at least seem that way.

I am now going to talk about a Maker project, from quite a bit earlier in the year. This was our “running a remake” project, where we were given a short film and were told to recreate the film, to be as exact a copy of the original as possible. I think that I can represent the revision skills and perseverance I have learned in PLP with this project because, my group made our original video on a super rainy and bad day, and also in a location that wasn’t similar enough to the original video. After receiving feedback, our group decided that we would go out and reshoot the entire video and edit it again, to create a far better video overall, that looked far more like the original. This is a good example of a FAIL, or first attempt in learning, as we were able to take our low quality project, and turn it into almost a perfect duplicate of the original film.

I would also like to give an example now, of a project that was a part of multiple different classes. This of course, was the 2019 Winter Exhibition. I want to mention this project now, because I think it is a really good example of where I put much of what I had learned from grade eight, and the first term of grade nine, into use to create a very nice project. The reason I say that I put so much of my learning to use in it, is because I used my revision skills, and the launch cycle, along with trying to strive to extend my learning by doing more extra for my project. I say that I did extra in the project, because after making one item for the project, which was already pretty good, and that I completely 3D designed and printed myself, I made another two, perhaps unnecessary items. These two items I made along with my main idea, were a almost completely homemade taser, and a homemade survival kit with specifically picked out items for surviving on Hoth. This not only shows my striving to learn more, but also my commitment to having a growth mindset, since I decided to go the extra mile, under the thought that the extra things would compliment my presentation, and give me a motivational boost from the feeling of achievement after finishing the project.

To conclude this presentation, I would like to say that I have been able to greatly increase my work, writing, and revision quality over the last few months, but my biggest struggle is still time management problems, and distractions caused by the iPad or other causes. With that being said, I will end this with a question, this question being… What methods can I use, that will increase my motivation to put schoolwork over distractions, while still having there be a fun aspect to learning?

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