Hello, and welcome to my latest blog post. In this blog post, I am going to be talking about the latest humanities unit in my humanities course. This unit, was about two things, the first being nationalism, and the effects it has on people, and countries. This was the main part of the project, and what we based the other half on. The other half, which I touched on in a previous post, was about memes and the app “TikTok”.

As I just mentioned, the biggest part of this project was focused on nationalism, and the consequences of it. For this we looked at different examples of what nationalism has done to different countries like America, Italy, Germany, and India.

The next part, which I talked about in this post, was about memes. You can check out that post, but I’ll briefly summarize it here. In class, we looked into what memes actually are and how their life cycles can be compared to DNA and evolution.

The first milestone of this project was about our prior knowledge about the subjects for the project, and our need to know questions. We had to fill out a little sheet and hand it in for this milestone.

The second milestone of the project was about examining the significance of something. For this, we looked into the Crimean war, and some different media reports on it from when it happened. We were given a list of questions for us to answer about the significance of the Crimean war and how nationalism played into it.

The third milestone of the project was one of the hardest. This was when we had to make and experiment with TikTok. We had to make and hand in three original TikToks. This may seem easy, but it was quite hard to come up with ideas that weren’t just copying random dance trends.

The fourth milestone of the project was about accessing cause and consequence. For this, we studied European colonization and the worldview of the European powers. After we looked into those things, we were tasked with answering a couple of questions about the causes and consequences of colonization, and what values pushed European powers to do it.

The fifth and final milestone of the project was to put the two parts of the project together, and make our memes. We were tasked with making three picture, video, or TikTok memes about nationalism and colonialism. These were supposed to be used by us to answer the driving question of the project.

This is the first meme I made.

This meme is a version of the ancap ball meme which is a sort of sarcastic thumbs up after a crazy example of something in the anarcho-capitalist political ideology is given. The reason my version can relate to the project, is because it gives a summarized example of what the European colonists did. The meme also has smaller versions of the meme thumbs up ball, but with thumbs down. These are all representing the different groups that the colonization would have been bad for.

This was the second meme I made.

This meme, was based off of a video meme that I found on a YouTube meme compilation. I decided to edit it to relate more to the project, by bringing in the subjects of women’s rights and religion, as those were some important things that had to do with colonization. Women’s rights, as in many places women didn’t have the right to vote, and religion, because other religions and having no religion wasn’t seen as acceptable by many governments of the time.

This was my third meme.

I decided to make this meme on the topic of manifest destiny as it was an important part of North American politics and nationalism which also affected Americans, Canadians, and natives. My meme depicts the American government’s reluctance to recognize the natives as their conquest to take all of North America shifted into high gear. I based these meme off of just a funny meme format I found on reddit that reads “I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that”.

This is a folder of other memes that I made but didn’t use.

After doing these tasks, I think that I can now answer the driving question about how we can use current memes to represent the effects and consequences of nationalism. My answer to this is that the main focus should be on the history that it tells. This should be made light hearted for the meme to be funny, but the most humor will come from including historical examples that will sort of have an “oh yeah I know about this” affect on people. You can see this idea represented if you look at the subreddit r/HistoryMemes, where people make not very deep references to historical events in common meme formats to give the reader something that they’ll understand while still keeping the memes funny.

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