Like Terms

Hello, and welcome back to my blog. Today, I will be talking about a recent scimatics project called “like terms”. This project, focuses on polynomials and like terms, as the name may suggest. It was a very open ended project, where we were allowed to choose our group, and what we would actually do to represent polynomials and like terms. In my group was Owen and Felix. Because we could do anything for our project, we decided to make our project focus on construction materials, and how they can relate to polynomials. We decided that the construction project we would do, would be building a model bridge. We did this using popsicle sticks, hot glue, and string. We then counter the quantity of each thing used (233 popsicle sticks, 7 glue sticks, and 64 inches of string), and came up with a polynomial to represent it. We also were has to make our own driving question, so to represent our construction choice, we went with it being “How could we use polynomials to demonstrate the quantity and cost of materials in construction?”.

Here is the keynote presentation about our project, that we gave in front of our class:

The first competency for this project, was “understanding and solving”. For this, we had to solve problems with multiple strategies, in both abstract and contextualized ways. I think that my project can represent this competency, because in the math part of the project, we took measurements, and make polynomials for three different things. These being the perimeter, volume, and cost of the bridge and it’s parts. This really shows how we used many strategies, and polynomials that are very different to show our understanding of this competency.

The second competency, was “communicating and representing”. For this we had to give a good presentation in class, with the proper usage of the terms we learned for different things. This is fully represented by our presentation in class, and how we used all of the vocabulary, and stuff we’ve learned during it to answer our driving questions. It can also be seen somewhat on our keynote presentation.

The third competency, was “connecting and reflecting”. I think that my presentation can represent this competency, because we were able to connect three different polynomials, to our single model, by focusing on different areas that the math concept could be applied to.

The fourth competency, was “applying and innovating”. This competency was all about contributing to the betterment of ourselves, along with our community and world. I think that the self part, can be represented by my productivity in class, as I was on task for pretty much this entire project. For the community and world part, I think that our focus on construction is important, because learning more about how important infrastructure is built, gives us insight into the real world trades, and gives us the opportunity to find improvements that could be proposed in future jobs.


I think that this a has been a very fun project, and I hope there will be more like it, where it’s very open ended and we can choose exactly what we want to do to answer the driving question.

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