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Hello, and welcome back to my blog. Today, I will be talking about my latest humanities project, called “confederation commercial”. As the name would suggest, this was a project about the history that led up to confederation in Canada. The way we were going to represent our learnings for this project, was that we were going to make a two minute commercial, about one of the colonies demands for joining confederation. The colony that I was a member of, was Prince Edward Island, which didn’t actually join confederation until a few years after it happened, and who mainly joined to pay of railroad debt. In my group, was Matthew, Angelo, Felix, and myself.

For the first milestone of the project, we had to read through a document about all the reasons why Canada became a country, and we had to write a paragraph about all of them. I thought that this was a very good start to the project, as it taught as the basics of why we had confederation, which would help us later on in the project, as we would know what would be a possible demand of our colony, and what wasn’t plausible.

The second milestone of the project, was to collect information about the real historical reasons our colonies would or wouldn’t join confederation. We did this by creating a chart on a pages document, using info we found on google, or the sources we were given. This taught us similar things to milestone one, but more specific to our colony, so we had more ideas of what to actually put in our commercial.

Our third milestone for the project, was supposed to be a model Charlottetown conference. For this, we had to come up with our preliminary proposals to join confederation. These had to be historically plausible for the time period. Here is our keynote, for our proposals.

The fourth milestone, was just to write a screenplay, that says exactly what you would see and hear during our video. This was pretty easy to get done, as we just transferred most of our preliminary proposals, and edited them slightly.

The fifth and final milestone, other than this post, was our final video. For this, we were supposed to put our screenplay into action, and film everything. To help with our video making, we used a green screen, so we were able to add whatever backgrounds we wanted to each section of the video. Here are our proposals and justifications for them, which are included in our video.

1. Our first demand, for joining confederation, was to have the capital in Fort Albany. We thought this was the best choice, because it was far north, so the Americans would have a harder time invading it. Another reason, was that it was in Rupert’s land, which would justify the new nation annexing it.

2. Our second demand, was to get funding for a bigger port. Our reasoning for this, is that we could bring in more imports and exports, and that would help the economy. It would also create more jobs.

3. Our third demand, was to be in charge of creating a national anthem for the new nation. Our reasoning for this, was that it would boost morale and patriotism within the nation.

4. Our fourth demand, was to have good parliamentary representation, so we could have control over our own provincial autonomy.

5. Our fifth demand was to have gun control prohibited. Our reason for this was because Canada most likely wouldn’t have a very large army to send to our island, so the militia would be our best defence against Americans.

6. Our sixth and final demand, was to have a laissez-faire economy. Our reasoning for this was that it would improve the economy, create jobs, respect the rights of businesses, and get rid of unnecessary government programs.

I think this is a good example of my ability to use evidence.

Here is our final commercial. We had a few problems making it, like music volume problems, picture quality problems, and video length problems, but I think that we were able to make our video looks pretty good in the end.

After we presented our final video, we had to debate on whether to join confederation or not. In the end, we decided not to join, because our demand for the capital location, demand about gun control, and demand about laissez-faire were not met.

We made this video to show to the class, to announce our decision on whether to join or not. (Loud noise warning).

The driving question for this project, was “how and why did Canada develop into a nation”, and I think that I was able to answer this with almost all of these milestones, along with watching the presentations from other groups. Each one shows either blanket reasons for all of Canada, or those that relate to only a specific colony.

Overall, I think I have learned a lot from this project, from green screen skills, to many historical fact. I also think that this was quite a fun project, as we had lots of freedom to choose what we wanted to do for each thing.

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  1. I like the use of media on this post, but there could’ve been more reflection on the competencies.

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