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last month, we learned that the Destination Imagination Provincial Tournament was to be canceled because of Covid-19. Many of us didn’t think that Destination Imagination would go on after this, but the teachers had a plan. They arranged for there to be an online Destination Imagination tournament over Zoom for our classes. This let my group to get back to work revising our solution to our challenge. As mentioned in my last post about the regional tournament, there were many things that didn’t go too well with our presentation.

Anyways, let’s go back to the basics of our challenge. We had a few different elements to it that we had to solve. Those being a story, bridge, technical method to move a weight, team choice elements and then a team challenge. The one that I focused on most was the bridge.

When we heard about the online tournament happening, the first thing that was assigned to me was the bridge. I immediately looked at what didn’t work for the bridge last tournament, and began to think of solutions. As mentioned in my post about the Regional Tournament, the biggest issue with the bridge was the speed of connecting the parts. I was able to fix this by making the parts more precisely, along with using other pieces to hold connectors at the proper angles. Another problem that was encountered with our original bridge, was that the platforms at the top weighed too much. To solve this I build platform pieces to use two card triangles, instead of the usual three. This gave the bridge virtually the same strength as last time, just with far less weight. This also improved the angle of the platform, allowing for wheels to grip better on either side and make it harder for our technical method to fall off.

When it came to the technical method, I was able to get pretty much all of it working like at regionals. I still had all the parts except for the cart to carry the weights, which I wasn’t able to create a new version of in time for our presentation.

The other elements are all more related to our presentation, which I will talk about now. We had to present over a zoom call. This was difficult, but allowed us to change our backgrounds easily to help the presentation. The presentation went pretty well. We were able to finish our entire story unlike last time, and we were able to have Felix polish up and sing the song this time. The part of the presentation that didn’t go well was the bridge though. The bridge was pretty good and solved most of the problems from last time, but my table wasn’t actually big enough to put the bridge on, and I ended up having to put it on a carpeted floor where it couldn’t stand up.

After our main presentation, we had one thing left to do. This thing was the instant challenge. Our instant challenge was a presentation one where we had to make a skit. Our group came up with a funny and unique skit, but our presentation ended fairly short.

Thanks for reading my post. Overall this year’s DI was quite unusual, and the online tournament caught me by surprise, but I’m happy my group was able to pull through and revise our solution fairly well. Please check out my previous post for more info about DI.

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