How Coronavirus Affects A Community

Welcome back to my blog. As everyone knows, there have been major changes to our society and ways of life due to Covid-19. As a result of this, we were given the task of documenting and making a video essay about the affects on a community that is important to us. This is the project that I will be discussing today.

The first milestone of this project was to create a short video and is also linked to another project in Humanities. The video was supposed to be about what was happening in BC before the gold rush. I focused by video on the fur trade and used a horror theme for the way it was made. The video is supposed to follow the way that a beaver is hunted and made into a hat. It starts by having the hunter and trader agree to a deal, and then the hunter catch the beaver and trade it. Then in the next scene we see the hat being made.

Our second milestone was where we had to figure out what we were going to make our video about. For this we had to make a story spine. This is where I had to choose what community I would focus on. The neighbourhood I live in, Blueridge. I also focused on how this pandemic affected me personally.

Our next milestone was less related to the project, but also still a cool skill. For milestone three we had to make our own song on GarageBand using different instruments. This was a pretty fun milestone since we got to experiment with all different things to see which was best. The tool that we used was something called autoplay, where you select the notes that you wish to play, and the computer will put something together for you. You can change the sophistication of the song too. What you do is then put multiple of the instruments together to create your finished song.

Our fourth milestone was turning our story spine into a storyboard and showing what our film would actually look like exactly. This took a bit and a revision, but I was able to create a pretty good one that got the point across and was able to move on to my video.

For my video, I just had to put what was in my storyboard together. This took quite a bit of time, to get the different shots.

The person I decided to interview for the video was my mother, since she is quite active in the community, and I don’t have that many connections I could interview. The music I decided to use in my video is actually the same song that I made for milestone three, just altered slightly.

Here is my video:

I think it turned out fairly well, although the main thing that could have been better was how shaky the camera was when filming some of the stuff. Another thing that could have been better would be the interview quality, but I don’t currently have a microphone that would have worked for that purpose.

Overall I think that this was an interesting project that made sense to do during such an odd time. Thanks for reading.

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