Time Is Money

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I will be discussing one of my latest Scimatics projects. This was the time is money project. For this project, we were told to think up a business idea that we would turn into a linear equation and put on a graph. For mine I decided that I would 3D design and print a little device to make sure that my Apple Pencil cap doesn’t fall off, since that is actually a big issue.

Here is the video that I made for the project that demonstrates my learning.

Now I will talk about the competencies being judged in this project.

The first competency I will discuss is the understanding and solving one. I think I have demonstrated this competency quite well, which can be shown by the detail I put into my video discussing the costs and profits of my business, and the justifications for each item and cost. I so however think that it would have been more accurate if I used the actual time worked instead of the amount of time to print my product.

The second competency for this project is communicating and representing, which I think I have shown with the graphs and data that I discussed and showed within my video. I do however think that I could have improved with this, had I included even more examples and data.

The third competency for this project was connecting and reflecting. This can be represented by how in my second to last slide in my video, I discussed whether this business is a good career and compared it to a minimum wage job. I probably could have improved this by adding more carriers to compare, but minimum wage seemed like a good comparison.

Overall this was a pretty fun project since we got to research and create whatever we wanted and had near total freedom of choice.

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