Hello and welcome to my TPOL. Today I will be discussing my learning through examples of my strengths, weaknesses and achievements this school year, and how this proves that I am ready to move to the next grade level. Several months ago I presented my MPOL, which focused on how I was doing midway through the year.

The first project I am going to focus on here is my witness to history project, which was a recent project focused on the coronavirus pandemic. For this project we really had to put our journalism skills to the test. I focused my video for this project on the effects of the virus on my neighbourhood/community, Blueridge. Near the beginning of this project I encountered issues where I handed something in late, leading to it not getting revised in time and made me end up behind, but I overcame this and created a pretty good video, showing the situation across the community in my footage. The only issue was me using a copyrighted video clip of a government press briefing at one point. This is a good show of perseverance.

For my second example, I will be talking about my Louis Riel/ethical dimensions project. This project had quite a few roadblocks along the way too, but it also turned out quite solid. The start of this project went quite smoothly, as me and my partner for it were able to pick out our topic quite easily for it. We focused on the Second Boer War. Our task was to create three images that represented the war, the issue was that my partner ended up getting sick for an entire week, causing me to lead the project on my own.

The next example I will talk about is my Confederation Commercial project. For this project we were put into groups for each project in the Confederation Conferences, and were tasked to create a short commercial about our demands to join the new nation. Our demands were somewhat silly, but we were able to create a pretty good video with the green screen. I think this really represents how our video skills have improved over the year, as we have learned skills like that.

The next example I would like to bring up is destination imagination for this year. This year for Destination Imagination, my team took up the engineering challenge of building a bridge out of cards and duct tape to support a weight going across it. We started off with many ideas each, but rather than fight we were able to test the majority of them to figure out which ones were actually the best for us. As we moved toward the tournament we continued to have issues, but we persevered. At the first tournament encountered a few issues with our bridge, but it generally was a very good build strategy. We planned to fix the issues until the coronavirus lockdown happened. Because of that, we ended up having a tournament online, where I rebuilt the bridge very effectively, but for the presentation my table was not big enough for the bridge and it ended up breaking so I wasn’t able to test it. This all shows how willing I am to try for success and revise until I can get there.

My last example that shows my commitment to learning is this TPOL itself, since because of this lockdown my grades cannot go down, but I have continued to do the work for many projects. This hasn’t been perfect since a few are missing, but it is still far beyond the minimum.

And now I will talk about my MPOL, and how I have moved towards the targets set in that. In my MPOL one of the things that I highlighted was teamwork and how that had been difficult during my revolutions project. I have since done far better in relation to this, and I will use two of the prior examples to justify that. In destination imagination, my group for this year worked very well together, and we were able to come to agreements far better than the prior year. This could also be said for my confederation commercial project, where my group worked together extremely well and didn’t have any arguments over what we would do.

Now I will talk about how I ended my MPOL. I ended speaking about my time management as it relates to use of my iPad and distractions. I have been able to move towards this in a couple different ways, although they have been somewhat interrupted by quarantine. The first way being that when I need to get something done, I will simply delete the apps that may act as distractions when I must be focused. My second strategy that I have applied is to choose a specific part of the evening to get whatever done that I can over a certain period.

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