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Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I will be talking about my recent blue sky project, and how we presented it at this year’s spring exhibition. This year it was quite different because of distance learning. For our projects we had to focus them on two things. The affects of covid 19 and the UN sustainability goals.

I won’t get into all the milestones of this project since they are all set up, but I will just describe my final solution and reflect on it.

My final idea was as follows.

“As we all know, the effects of COVID-19 on the economy have been devastating. Many small businesses have been forced to lay off employees and even shut down permanently. For my project I decided that I would think up strategies that could be used to restart businesses from the perspective of the federal government.

My first strategy to assist would be to temporarily eliminate the Goods and Services Tax for small businesses. Small businesses would be considered any business in which they have 0-2 locations. This would help them by encouraging people to shop or go to these businesses as there would be a 5% reduction in costs of Goods and Services nationally, while still not taking away from the revenue of the businesses.

The second action I would take would be subsiding small businesses (the same businesses described with the GST section) by way of partially paying off rent of those struggling along with giving them property tax break so less revenue needs to be set aside and less panic is induced.

My third action would be to have government provided PPE if we can stockpile it, because that will allow workers to worry less about stuff such as that and allow businesses to hire without the worry of having too small a supply.

The combined effect of these would drastically help businesses, but would lead to a strain money wise, which we should be able to compensate if the government spent money conservatively post pandemic.”

I think my groups presentation of our ideas including this worked out quite well. It was difficult to come together to figure out a story since our projects were all so different, but we decided to section it into each UN goal to make it easier. We then created a detective story for the presentation. I think this represents the revise competency because we had to revise our story with all the ideas until it made sense.

I think the entire presentation and it’s ideas are a good representation of the take creative risks competency, because the entire presentation method of distanced learning was a creative and new way of displaying our work.

I think I represented the research and understand competency quite well with how I created by project. I researched many different methods of helping businesses and combines the best three,

Thank you for reading about all my Maker projects this year. This will be my last Maker post until Maker 10.

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