Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be discussing something very important to all people, whether they think about it or not. Lately in class we have been talking about identity, and today I will break down what I have learned recently.

One of the first activities of this year was to come up with definitions for what “identity” means. Here are a few definitions from different sources, including my own and that of a group I was in during a discussion.

My definition of identity: The combined representation of parts of an individual’s life such as nationality, culture, language, and other factors.

I thought this definition was very thorough and gave you lots of information, but may have been a bit too long.

Dictionary definition of identity: The fact of being who or what a person or thing is.

This definition gives the general idea, but I found it to be too vague.

My Group’s definition of identity: The combined representation of the key attributes and traits of an individual.

I think that this is the best definition, because it combines my long definition and another classmate’s, to give the important information needed, but it isn’t too long like mine.

Here is one of the next assignments we did. It is a bio poem, which uses a general format but has been changed to talk about me. This represents my personal identity because it shows key attributes to my personality and life, just like the GIF I will talk about later. I would even say that the font represents my identity to some extent, as it is fun and playful versus the average font.

Here is a double exposure GIF I make for this post that represent my identity. The Canada flag represent that I’m Canadian. The hammer represents how I like to tinker with things and fix them. The dog represents how my dog is a big part of my life. The headphones represent how I always like to be listening to music whenever I can. The hot dog represents how I really like hot dogs. The school represents how I am a student/learner, and that is a key part of my life.

I based the backgrounds for the GIF and the double exposure on the photo of me, on the outdoors since I love the outdoors, and all the images are Canadian. The other background image is a photo of Lonsdale Quay, because that’s a very recognizable part of North Vancouver, where I live.

I would say these fit within the definition of identity, as they are mostly important attributes that make me who I am. Attributes like location, pastimes, food preferences and current occupation.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you on my blog again.

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