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Hello, and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to be discussing my latest project in Humanities/Maker. This project was an introduction to podcasts for our class, and set out a plan for the podcast we will be making episodes for throughout the year. Without further ado, lets talk about what we did for the project.

The first milestone of the project, was to tell an oral story to a peer, and record it. We had to choose our topic from a list of potential candidates. I chose to do one on whether voting third party in an election is a waste of your vote. I think I told this story quite well, but my mic had some irritating background noise for some reason which definitely made it not sound as good as it could have.

The second milestone of the project, was to write a post about our identities, and to make a GIF of a double exposure photo of ourselves to go with it. Here is the link to that post. I think I did quite well on that post, but could have used more examples of readings and other media that I learned from earlier in the project.

The next milestone, was to write a plan for the podcast we wanted to create. This is where I settled on that I would create a podcast about natural resources in Canada and how current politics relate to them. Here is my podcast plan.

Our next job was to have a peer critique of our podcast plans, in an attempt to improve them. This went alright, but my partners and my podcasts were so radically different that it was hard to give feedback.

Our next milestone was another type of peer critique, but this time it was a charrette protocol type. For this we had to listen to each others pitch, then ask clarifying questions and give feedback, and then switch roles.

Our final milestone, was to create a trailer for our podcast. This had to include our own music, voice and a script that would get listeners interested in the podcast. We also had to include the cover art of our podcast with it. I think that I made a pretty good trailer, and gives all the information anyone would want to figure out what my podcast will be about.

Here is my trailer:

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you again.

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