Weekly Post November 2-7

Hello and welcome back to my blog. This is now my second weekly learning portfolio post. This will be a quick little reflection post about the week.

I think that this has been a very productive week for me for The Greatest Canadian project. This week I got my interview recorded, recorded my podcast, and edited it. However one thing I think I should improve on is my interview preparation, as I had to re-record my interview several times to get my recording to actually get the audio, and need to record my side of the audio again. I should also find a way to use a better mic while doing things like online interviews.

Something interesting we did this week was watch the “Greatest Canadian” TV show episode for Tommy Douglas, and compare it to the episode for terry fox. I think that episode could be extra relevant to my podcast and relate to it as it was a discussion about the political accomplishments of Tommy Douglas. I think that I may be able to use my experience watching that to reform my podcast slightly to use some of the ways the show communicated its point so I can communicate mine better.

Thanks for reading my post this week.

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