The Manhattan Project and WW2

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to talk about another podcast related topic. This time, about the Second World War.

As the start of this post would suggest, we were making our episodes about WW2. But not just any topic about WW2. We had to find a WW2 topic that was relevant to our podcast topic as a whole. This was very difficult for some, but natural resource use was plentiful during the war, and an easy topic to cover. My issue came when trying to find an expert on the topic, who are quite few and far between. For this reason, my topic has deviated towards the Manhattan Project as a whole, which natural resources were critical in.

The first big part of this project, was to explore nationalism. This is of course a key factor for the entirety of the Second World War, so it was very relevant to the topic. We had to write a paragraph about nationalism, and I think a did a good job at using historical examples to proved the significance of it. This was important to show one of the big causes of World War Two. Here is my paragraph.

The next milestones for the project, just involved setting up he structure, and make up of our podcast episode. I explored many sources related to natural resources during the war, and uncovered some very interesting things, to construct the best amount of information to work as evidence for what my episode is trying to speak/represent. At this stage I also began scripting my episode, which was difficult at first because I didn’t have my interview. This was also about where it wad decided that I should focus my episode around the history of the Manhattan project.

For my interview for the episode, I interviewed my uncle, who is very knowledgeable on the topic of nuclear energy, the history of the Manhattan Project, among other things. He gave me plenty of information regarding the background, and entire process to develop the atom bomb.

And now, let’s talk about the end result. I created my episode to include as much of the relevant information from the interview that I could, to fully tell the story of the Manhattan Project. I also started the podcast out, talking about the war prior to the Manhattan Project, and how Canada took advantage of its natural resources to keep Britain supplied and fed. After a few revisions of the episode, I was able to get the music just right, so that it wasn’t too repetitive or too loud. Here is my podcast.

Another milestone that went on over the course of the project, was one about analyzing and connecting to stories. For this we read, and listened to several stories, that ranged from an American reaction to a war declaration, to a WW2 vet who was one of the men who landed in Normandy on D-Day. These not only showed us different experiences of war, but also showed us the effects it had on different people and their families.

Over the course of the project, I believe I have shown my understanding and provided evidence to show the extremely influential consequences of the Second World War, and the Manhattan Project, along with the key roles Canada played in both.

I think that I’ve shown my understanding of the global collaborator competency as I have used both domestic and international sources across the length of the project, and had my interview with somebody, who may be a relative but do live in another country.

Thank you for reading about my latest project. This wasn’t an easy project, but I think that I have been able to learn a lot about the Second World War by completing this, and hope to share it with you if you listen to my podcast episode. If you want to see my podcast’s page click either the Anchor or Spotify links here.

2 thoughts on “The Manhattan Project and WW2

  1. What a great interview you managed to get about this topic Brenton! Thank you for including your paragraph on nationalism as well – which shows a good understanding of the causes of WWII.

  2. Hey Brenton,
    I really like your blog’s format. I was using your blog as an example to make sure I was on the right track. I read your Manhattan Project and WW2 page and I liked how detailed with information it is.

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