Change and the Storybook Land Canal Boats

Over the course of the last month, we’ve focused on two main topics. Continuity and change, and how they relate to post WW2 Canada and the world. Last week we had a look at an exceptional example of such. That being the rise of Disney, and what it represented to America and the world.

In this process of looking at such, we had an activity. This was to look into a certain Disneyland attraction, and get an idea of what has changed in that single thing over the years. The ride my group focused on was the Storybook Land Canal Boats. In our initial search, we found some information on some of the basic changes to the attraction, such as the addition of “Frozen” themed miniatures to the ride.

But upon digging deeper, we found a more interesting fact about the ride. This being the segregation of the employees by sex who worked at the attraction. Initially, the employees working at the ride were all male, for two primary reasons. The first being more technical, was that the early boats lacked the ability to go in reverse, so had to be manually pulled from the canal at night, which was quite difficult. The second reason, was that Walt Disney though that the cast members/employees were a sort of metaphor for a father telling a fairy tale to his children. Later on, women were slowly allowed to be assigned to the attraction, and oddly enough, there was a period where only women were assigned to work there, until 1995 when it became coed once again.

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