Winter Exhibition

As you may know, before winter break of each year, PLP holds a big exhibition. In the exhibition, we show off our latest projects in display rooms all over the school. This year, everyone’s projects for the exhibition were linked to Star Wars, as the new movie was coming out the day after the exhibition. More on the exhibition later, but let’s get into what our units in humanities and maker were actually about.

For Humanities, our focus was on telling stories, and all the aspects that go into that such as the heroes journey, and the definitions of words that have to relate to stories, like point of view. In the end, our groups had to make their own stories about an outspoken Star Wars character from the planet that our group was focused on. In my group for this project was Felix, Angelo, Julia, Kaden, Meg, and Ciara.

Our first milestone of the project was to write a paragraph about why Star Wars is so popular. This was a good activity to get our brains going and make us really think about the factors that affect people’s thoughts on certain things. The goal of this was to represent the competencies of expressing and supporting opinion, and using evidence. I think I did alright on this but could have done better.

The next aspect and milestone of the project was about short stories. We read quite a few short stories, about Star Wars along with other things. At the same time as reading these, we learned about all sorts of story concepts like theme and mood. We then had to fill out a box for each concept, for each story. This was an interesting activity and I learned a lot about new terms. The competency for this was “literary identification and analysis”. I think I represented this fairly well as I was able to complete my summaries of different aspects of each story, and being able to remember the identifiable quotes for the test about the stories.

The third milestone was about the final story. We had to choose what character our group was doing and then figure out our storyline. This came fairly easy for my group and we had minimal conflict. Our chosen character was Han Solo’s tauntaun from the movie “the empire strikes back”. The competency for this was “Creating and expending shared understanding”. I think that my group being able to work so well to together and create a story that flows through each part represented this well. Here is the chart of our story.

The next milestone of this side of the project was to write a movie review about one Star Wars movie. We learned a bit about how to write a review and then it was time to make my review. I chose to make my review about the same movie as my story’s character was from (“The empire strikes back”). When writing my review, I tried not to be too critical of the dated special effects of the movie, and tried to make my review seem like it was based now but also sort of when the movie first came out. This was interesting and I learned quite a bit about how different magazines and other forms of media review movies. The competency for this was “expressing and supporting opinions”, like I’m milestone one. I think that I was fairly good at expressing my opinion in it but didn’t use too much evidence because of a work limit.

The fifth milestone of this project was the short story section we had to write for our group’s story. I was part three of the story. My part focuses on the training of Han’s tauntaun. I tried to make the story from a real different perspective that showed a potential dark side of animal abuse in the rebel alliance. I think I was able to make a fairly interesting and strong story that showed what I wanted it to quite well. I think I learned quite a bit from this milestone about formatting, and just how it feels to just have the ability to write a story however you want. The first of the competencies for this milestone was “creating and expending a shared understanding”, which I think is represented by none of my group member’s stories having major conflicting parts. The second competency was “literary identification and analysis”, which I think Is represented by how I wrote my story to use different elements we learned about in our short story milestone. The think competency for this part of the project was “the writing process, which I think I represented with how I turned my assignment for being part three of the story, into an action packed story in itself that doesn’t need the other parts to make sense.

The sixth Milestone of the project was designing how our presentations would looks, which I’ll talk more about when I talk about setting up the room.

Now for the Maker aspect of the exhibition. This project, was all about building objects that represent our story parts, using the LAUNCH cycle. The LAUNCH cycle, is a sort of process, where you go step by step to create your final product. We also had to make a journal on the app explain everything to note what we did for each section.

The milestones for this project were different forms and other media to represent the L, A, U, N, C and H phases of the project.

The L phase was called “look, listen and learn”. What we did in this phase was a how might we form, where we had to create our own driving question for our project. I think that this was good because when we create our own driving questions, it gives us more creative freedom to do what we want.

For the A phase, we had to make a pitch form for our project idea and include some elements of it and challenges. This is where I went into more detail on what my idea for my object actually would be. I decided that my project would be a tauntaun training kit that was used for Han’s tauntaun.

The U phase milestone was just to export what we had on our LAUNCH journal so far.

N was the last phase before we created a prototype of our project. In this phase, we were supposed to make a mini video of our idea making process. For my video, I just included all of my ideas for potential objects in my training kit. This was pretty good but could have been better with a voice over.

C was the create phase, where we had to make our first prototypes, and fill in a form about how we would revise them. By that time, I was well on my way to creating a model of binoculars from Star Wars for my training kit.

H was the last phase, and it was called “highlight and fix”. For this stage, we just had to give examples of how we had improved on our object that far into the project. I showed how i had revised my 3d designed binocular models.

Here is a completed video of my LAUNCH journal.

Once all of this work was done, it was time to prepare and set up our rooms for the big presentation. Since my group, was focused on Hoth, we had the idea to make our room look like it was snowy, and also make the room quite cold. To make it look snowy, we took down all posters and everything else that wasn’t white that we could, and put paper snowflakes up. To make the room cold, we opened all of the windows, and brought fans. We then bought ice to put behind the fans to make the air coming out even colder. We also darkened the room and used one spotlight to get light so we could have a visibility slightly more like a blizzard. Another interesting thing we added to our room, was a simulated cave, where you could watch the battle of Hoth on loop. We make this cave by hanging up sheets and paper to block off an area, and pouring packing peanuts on the ground. We also added some extra fans in the cave to make it extra cold. All of this worked very well and we had people telling us how well we cooked the room and simulated Hoth. Another aspect of the room we had to focus on was food and drink. We chose to have “Wampa fur” which was white cotton candy, and decorated cookies as our food as they both could relate to our planet and we could make them fairly easily. For drinks we just had hot chocolate because it is something you would want in a cold place. The driving question for this project was “how might we build an interactive exhibit that explains the hero’s journey.”. I think that what I have said above really represents it as each part of our rooms was a part of the exhibit, that we showed the progression of our stories in.

The exhibition night went pretty well. I was able to show off my final product for my object, which I made three things for. I made the 3d printed electrobinoculars, which turned out almost perfectly, and the only problem was that the pieces were a little off centre. I also made a homemade taser out of some things I had at my house to represent the stun gun used on my group’s character in my part of my group’s story. It worked quite well and could even light matches. The third thing I did for my tauntaun training kit, was to make a little survival kit that would be useful for surviving on Hoth. This included things like a beacon, flashlight, first aid kit, lighter and more.

This exhibition was a fun experience, and it was nice to have the freedom to make what I wanted for it. I look forward to the one coming up in the spring and seeing what projects we will be doing for it.

Chemistry Stories

The last unit in scimatics was called “chemistry stories”. In this unit, we learned all about atoms, ions, and all the compounds they can create. We learned about ionic bonds, where ions and atoms exchange electrons. And covalent bonds, where ions and atoms share electrons. We learned that the reason for these is because they all want a full valence shell so they can be more stable.

Our project for this unit, was to create an animation using the app “explain everything”. We had to represent ionic and covalent bonding in this animation. Here is what I made.

The big idea of this project was, how the electron arrangement in atoms impacts their chemical nature. I was able to show this because I used bohr models in my animation to better show the electrons arrangement of my models. I was sure to make my animation clear and clean to make sure it would be easy to understand.

Here is a mind map I made at the start of the project with questions about it. Now, at the end, I have answered them as best as I could to relate to the project.

The first competency for the project was called communication. This was described as “formulate physical or mental theoretical models to describe a phenomenon”. I think I was able to do this by using descriptive voice overs on top of my animation. I also used proper and specific technical language to help the viewer learn more.

The second competency was processing and analyzing. For this we had to interpret different models or diagrams. I think I was able to show this in both sections of my video. They both showed the exchange or sharing of electrons, clean and in detail. I was sure to use a multivalent metal and polyatomic ion and describe those also using my models.

The third and final competency we were tasked with completing was Questioning and predicting. This is about demonstrating your curiosity and motivation in completing the project. I was able to show this by using my class time effectively and staying on task. I think a reason for this sustained motivation was the ability to choose was ions and compounds you did.

Overall this was quite a fun project and very interesting because of the create freedom given to us. I’m looking forward to the next project.

Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back”, reviewed

A timeless movie, “Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back” even after being released almost 40 years ago, still has intense action scenes and impressive special effects after all the years. Traveling through all the different planets in each section of the movie keeps your on the edge of your seat and unable to look away. The sense of adventure you get as you travel through each landscape, from the ice world of Hoth, to Cloud City, and beyond makes the movie never get boring.

The story follows Luke, just like the last movie. Luke was a boy who grew up on a moisture farm in rural Tatooine. He has a powerful gift in the force. This all makes sense later in the movie, when Luke’s father is revealed. He travels with Han Solo, a space captain who is wanted for not paying Jabba the Hutt, and many more people of the rebellion.

Every new battle scene and planet brings more to the table as new characters, machines, and weapons are introduced. The character development and romance between Han Solo and Leia give the movie a fresh storyline while still keeping the movie very similar to the original. Having the same actors as the original really makes it so there is nothing more negative to it when compared to the original, just more for the storyline.

The introduction of Yoda to the story adds an odd knowledge of Jedi history to the story and gives you a better understanding of how the Star Wars universe works. Other characters such as Lando also provide some insight into the past of Han Solo. Factors like these are able to make the story more intriguing and give it some value for more than just intensity and explosions like many movies of the same genre.

The way that the movie ends is somewhat of a cliffhanger that reflects in such a way that can only mean that there will be another in the series. This really shows how much it was known that the style of movie which it was, was going to continue for a long time.

In general, there isn’t a very deep meaning to the story, as much as it is just a fun movie full of futuristic battle scenes that can give inspiration to people of any age. This makes it a really good movie for if you’re in a good mood and want to see something consistently exciting with a very light mood.

Live event (but not really)

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Our latest assignment for maker was another video one. This video event was about a live event we went to. This event could be basically anything as long as we were able to meet the criteria. We had to use many different affects and skills. We had to get an interview, get still images, and film different kinds of video like time lapse.

For my event, I chose my job as a paper carrier. I choose this because I deliver the papers twice a week and it’s also my main source of money, so it’s quite important. I also thought this would be cool with Black Friday coming up as there tend to be a lot more flyers in the paper. But before actually doing this, I had to make an action plan where I detail to some degree what I am doing and other stuff like my interview questions. Here is my action plan.

For an interview, I interviewed my brother, who is a paper carrier for the route beside mine. I thought it would be interesting to see if he agrees with me on the questions I asked.

After editing the clips and adding music, here is my video.

ISTE standards:

Empowered learner: I think I have represented this competency because, I successfully planned and executed my video to all the requirements with an action plan. This helped me achieve my learning goal because, my goal was to give everyone a better understanding of my paper route and what it means to me and others who have similar jobs.

Creative communicator: I have achieved this competency by, doing what I wanted for my event. I also used all of the required formats like time lapse and more.

Navigating ideas:

– I took risk in changing my event idea multiple times to a later event and still was able to complete it.

– For every idea I had, I looked at how hard it would be to get each kind of video and looked at what video would generally just look best.

– I utilized many of the tools on the camera app and the iMovie app to create my video with all the different types of video and photo required.

Term One Reflection

There are many skills you learn in PLP every unit, term, and year. The first term of my grade nine experience was devoted to videos. We looked at many aspects of video. We looked at angles, formats, audio and much more. In Maker and Humanities, we made many videos. Today I will be compiling all of these videos into one post and reflecting on each one.

The first video I am going to talk about was called the “four shot film”. After learning about angles for filming video, we were put into groups to come up with a creative video idea that we could only film with 4 different angles/shots. My group came up with the idea to film a horror sort of video about not handing in a homework assignment. This was fairly easy, with our group finding a dark room and filming very quickly. I think this represents the competency “innovative designer” well because, my group thought of an interesting idea, to make our video somewhat tie into our own lives. We also though of changing our surroundings by turning off the lights in the room to create a whole new environment for our video. Here is the video.

The second video we made in Alberta was one at the Royal Tyrrell museum in Drumhellar. We were given half an hour to make a short documentary on one thing from the museum. I made my video on an ammonite exhibit. This video wasn’t very great for me as my mic failed and I was left with just my first draft which I didn’t actually want to use. My video was very short also. I do think my video was not terrible though as it gave some good information about the ammonites. Here is my video.

The second video we made was during our Alberta trip. Before the trip, we were put into groups to plan our video. We made a storyboard and plot for our story. We were required to not speak in our video though so there was no need for a screenplay or script. We visited Three Valley Gap, and went to the ghost town. We were given an hour to film this video and some time before to scout out where we would film. My group’s video was about a robbery, and we found a store and sheriffs building to film in, along with a few other buildings. We were able to To film this video fairly easily but we didn’t have very great costumes. This is the video we were able to come up with which I think is very good. I think this represents the competency “creative communicator” as this was a very free project which my group took advantage of in thinking of our video. In the production of this video, everyone’s opinions were heard and we all were in agreement over exactly what to do for every section.

The next video, and maybe the most important one was for Humanities. This was for our “the land is us” project. You can check out my post for that with the link provided. For this project we were supposed to individually make a video about how the land affects different groups. My group was tourists. We had to interview some people to get their perspectives on the question for our videos too. This was fairly difficult as it was not super easy to figure out who would be a good person to interview. In the end, I think I made a fairly informative video but it cold have been better with a wider variety of pictures. here is my video. I think this represents the competency “knowledge constructor” as by doing this project, I have been able to collect many opinions and facts in many different formats. I have also shown my understanding and how meaningful these skills are, by making revisions to my work and reflecting on it.

Our next video project was interesting. You can read my post for this project here. Because instead of making a whole new video, we had to make an exact copy of an already made short film. This film was called “run”. It is a one minute long horror film. We had to do everything ourselves, including making our own music and sound affects. This was all good until we went to film and it was a very bad and rainy day. Another problem was that we couldn’t find a place to film that looked like the original. After receiving feedback, we found a better day and a slightly better location and were able to pull together a revision for our video. here is what we made.

Our next project had us make many videos and was about revolutions. You can check out my post about all of these here. We studied the French, American, and Russian Revolutions and made a different video for each, in a different format. After those we had the freedom to choose what revolution we wanted to do.

Our first revolution we studied was the French. My group did a format called “John Green” where it is a mix of animations and video of someone speaking. In this video, we struggled to have very good animations, and we messed up out audio. We were however, able to fix this by the next video. I do think we got a very good set though for what we had by making use of a hall by the student services room with lots of books, and made the talking parts look pretty nice. Here is our video.

The next revolution we looked at was the American. This one was fairly easy cause I at least knew quite a bit about it. My group decided to act this one out for our video. Our film was fairly good but our voice overs were late as our communication was bad. This video ended up being not very good cause it was apparently too violent. We were able to revise this one though and make it so it had better voice over than the original. Here is what we made.

The final video before our choice one was about the Russian Revolution. My group decided to make a rap about this one. After the lyrics were made, we found a day where we all could go outside and film our video to go with it. We included many different weird dances and angles in it. We were able to then voice record us singing and pair it with the video. That was a slight problem because the lyrics and mouths could be out of sync but this wasn’t a very big issue and didn’t need fixing. After getting a beat by working in garage band, we put it all together to make our video. Here it is. I think this represents the competency “computational thinker” well because me and my group were able to solve the problems before they become issues. We were also able to show our understanding by telling the entire story of the revolution in a few detailed lines that are still catchy lyrics.

For our choice video, my group decided to make a second video on the Russian Revolution. We decided to use a format that mixed still images from back at the time and re-enactments. After losing a group member, our group didn’t fair to well even at pre production. We ended up handing everything in late for the plans for the group. After we finally got stuff together, we were able to get some fairly good re-enactments and were ready to edit. At this point our group communication was terrible. We could spend long periods of time trying to get in touch with each other and this ended up with editing taking a very long time. We did end up finishing our video and getting it in on time but after the critique, our communication stayed bad and we didn’t end up revising it. I think this is a good example of the competency “empowered learner” because the editing and filming used many different skills on technology that when put together created my final product. Here is our video.

The latest video this term was the take your kid to work day video for the PGP course. Take you’re kid to work day, is a day where all grade nines go to work with their parents. The goal of this day is to teach kids more about potential career paths. For my day, I went to work with my dad at the Telus building in downtown. The goal for the day was to get content and at least one interview from the workplace. I got a cool tour of many different things at two different Telus buildings. I got one interview with someone who worked at the advertising department for Telus and it was pretty good. The only problem was that I didn’t have a mic. Another downside to it, is that a lot of the pictures are just wires and not that interesting. I also didn’t get much footage at the beginning because I didn’t know if you were allowed to film the stuff we were looking at. I do however think my video is quite informative and cool as it shows a lot of the behind the scenes of things we take for granted in our daily lives. Here is my video.

Thanks for reading my reflection and see you next time. Be sure to check out all of the posts I have linked to throughout.

Student Blogging Challenge End

This is the last week of the student blogging challenge, and it’s time to reflect. We have went over many topics and many skills over this many week journey.

I think what I enjoyed the most about the student blogging challenge was the amount of creative freedom in many of the tasks. They gave you the general idea, and you could use that or one of the examples they provided. Something I think that could be improved about the challenge, is the task topics. I think it would be better to have move original topics each year as there are quite a few repeat participants.

I think I have been quite the active participant in the challenge. I think I have put a fair amount of detail into my posts and have not been lazy because I have done quite a few of the tasks each week. I not missed a single week and I have commented on at least three different blogs every week.

After this challenge, I think I will mostly just stay in the topic of reflective blog posts about school units. The reason for this is that, this blog was made for that purpose. I don’t think I will post anything like the student blogging challenge tasks again unless I’m participating again.

Week 7 SBC

Hello, and welcome back to my blog. This week’s student blogging challenge was about holidays. I think it is the wrong season to be talking about holidays for here at least but I’m not very educated on what and when everyone everywhere celebrates.

For my first task, I will just talk about the holidays my family celebrates. My family mainly only celebrates a Christmas and Easter. Those are the two biggest holidays in Christianity and the country, so it makes sense. Some more minor ones we celebrate are Canada day, Victoria Day, New Years, and Halloween. We also observe remembrance day. Or in America, Veterans Day to honour those who have fought for our country. Even though I celebrate Christmas, I despise Christmas music and wish to never hear it. People who play Christmas music want farther than within a week of Christmas are annoying and a disgrace to society.

For my second task I will share a couple photos about my favorite celebrations. I found this picture that shows some very cool Christmas lights on a house. I really like Christmas lights because they brighten everything in the darkest months.

Thanks for reading about the holidays I celebrate.

Revolutions of the world

Over the past while in humanities class, we have been studying and doing projects on revolution. We studied many revolutions and their causes. In my group for this unit and all the projects that came with it, was Thomas, Jude, Kaden and myself. Our projects were to make videos in all different formats about each different revolution.

The first revolution we focused on was the French Revolution. We learned about all the causes for the revolution like France’s massive spending on the American Revolution. To represent our learning, the format of video my group used was called “John Green” after the YouTuber who makes informational videos that use a mix of animations with voice over, and clips of him talking. Here is what we were able to make.

As you can see, this has many problems. The audio overtop of animations was a big problem along with not having any music. Since there was no time for revision as we were going right into the next revolution, this was never fixed.

The next revolution we focused on was the American Revolution. After learning the basics about who was involved and important events we had to make our video. The style of video my group chose was “act it out”. My group, along with a few other classmates helping out, went around to different places to film all the important events of the revolution. Here is the video.

We thought the video was fairly well but maybe we acted too well as it was deemed too violent and inappropriate to be good.

The third revolution we focused on was the Russian revolution. My group decided to make a rap song about this revolution to try and explain it. I wasn’t very confident in this idea as I greatly dislike the rap genre but we were able to make a fairly informative video with a nice beat and few problems. One of the only problems was the music being a bit too loud and the music being a bit out of sync with the videos. Here is our rap.

After these videos. We were supposed to choose any revolution in history for a final video of any format. My group decided, after a bit of back and forth to make our video a mix of formats where we acted certain events out. We mixed that with pictures about the revolution that we talked over. We were quite delayed in finishing many pre production factors as we were missing a man but we did come through with them and were ready to film our video. We ended up filming our video on two different days in different places because we didn’t have army costumes the first day of filming. After collecting images and everyone in the group’s voice recordings, we added it all together and got some music to create our final video. Here is our screen play for our final video and our final video.

We got some pretty extensive feedback about our video, but because of terrible group communication and about half the group being hellbent on keeping our format, we didn’t end up taking the feedback and revising our video.

I think these videos reflect my understanding of the competency “cause and consequence” quite well. this is fairly basic as in all of our videos we talked about what caused the revolutions in a fair bit of detail. We also at the end of each video talk about the consequences of each revolution. An example being our rap song, where we talked about how the citizens were still oppressed after the Bolsheviks came into power.

I think I have shown the competency “evidence”, in all my videos for this project. I think this because me and my group used many different sources of information to get the content fro each of our videos regardless the format.

The third competency for this project is “create and extend shared understanding”. I think I have shown my understanding of this competency because of working with my group we went through many ideas for most things. We shared these and when put together, were able to create our completed videos. Another thing is the reflections done for each section of the “Revolution” book (mentioned below). In those we had to share with a group and then hear their opinions and interpretations which gave a better understanding.

For the competency “text compression and appreciation strategies”, I think my videos prove as evidence. I think being able to use these formats of video, requires an understanding of all sorts of different articles on the subjects we are focusing on. I also think that just the formats alone reflects on this because, we have translated the information given and found into these formats while still keeping the videos understandable and letting you learn from them.

Another side part of this unit was reading the book “revolution” by Jennifer Donnelly. After each section of the book we had to do a certain role to reflect on it. After we finished reading the book we had to make a final reflection about it. I chose to do a “photo essay” where I chose photos that would be important to the main character of the book and talked about why they would be important. Here is my reflection.

The driving question for the unit was “how do ideas drive change”. I think I can answer that by using all of these revolutions as evidence. When you come up with a new idea, people are interested in it. Whether they are just curious or they are fed up with the current system, they will want to try new stuff to see if it will better society, and I don’t think this will ever stop as the perfect utopia will never be achievable for everyone.

Thanks for reading my reflection on this unit.

Take your kid to work day

A few days ago, was take your kid to work day. The annual event that all Canadian grade nine students take part in. While the tasks for the students may be different, the main idea stays the same.

Recently, I went to the work place of my dad for take your kid to work day. My dad works at Telus. He is an electrical engineer for the company. He has worked there for over 20 years, switching between jobs over the years though. I’m still not really sure what the projects he works on are but, it was pretty exiting sounding to go see how everything worked over at his office, but what was even more exiting was that a bunch of employees had gotten together to plan a large tour that went through all sorts of places in the two main Telus buildings in Downtown Vancouver. We got to go in all sorts of rooms, from the top of a building to the basement we pretty much saw it all.

Anyways, to my task. Our assignment in PLP was to create a video documenting what we did for the day and including an interview.

Here is my finished video:

The first competency we were being accessed on was “Question self and others about how individual purposes and passions can support the needs of the local and global community when considering career choices.”. I think I have completed this by the questions I asked in my interview. My first piece of evidence is my question about what affects my interviewee’s job has on society linking with passions that support the local community part of the competency. I also think my question about what the company as a whole stand for represents the competency but on a wider scale so more representing the purpose for supporting the global community part.

The next competency was “Recognize the impact of personal public identity in the world of work.”. I think I have shown my understanding of this competency with my video because of my interview and the pictures and smaller videos in my video. For my interview point I think my question about the affects of his job on society branched into this because it went to talk about why my interviewee enjoys and think his job is good. For my reason about the media I included in my video, I think that it is the environment seen in these pictures that represents the competency. I say this because we are largely affected by our environment. If we generally are in a blank white room like where they take the payments, we would most likely be more accustomed to that colour and that would move more into your identity and other parts of life. This is because you would have a preference for that colour when doing stuff such as deciding what colour to paint something.

The final competency we are to be accessed on is “Recognize and explore diverse perspectives on how work contributes to our community and society.”. I think this can be represented by my showing and talking about the many places in the workplace I went through. I have come to this conclusion because going to each of these places, I have seen many people, with very different jobs working in all very different areas and still working in tandem and keeping a multi billion dollar company going with their roles. I think perspective ties into this because, people’s personal perspective on certain things affects the jobs they decide to do.


Thanks for reading about my experience on Take your kid to work day.

Student Blogging Challenge Week Six

This week’s student blogging challenge was about emojis. It taught us a bit about emojis and how we can use them for different things. I’m not really a fan of emojis but this was fairly fun.

For my first of three tasks I made a sort of emoji quiz where there are some emojis together and you can guess what mythical/folk tale creature they represent. Here are the two. See the end of the post for answers.

For my second fast I chose to make some emoji art. I went on and decided to make a Canada flag out of Canada flag emojis.

For my third and final task I decided to make an emoji story.

My story is that a man from San Francisco, calls a campsite in Mecca, so he can stay there for his water polo game where he wants to get first place.

The answers to my emoji quiz were…

1: The Baba Yaga

2: The Wendigo

Thanks for reading my post and feel free to comment.