February 20 /

This film is now up there with some of my favourite films. It’s masterfully crafted to create a psychological horror using a bunch of horror tropes to create a story that feels like a labyrinth.…

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November 14 /

Halloween is a classic horror film and a film that help define what a slasher film is. Most horror films make use reflect on what we are afraid of, and this is no exception. This…

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October 28 /

For this unit, we were attempting to answer the question of How can we create animated shorts that use “The Taming of the Shrew” to explain the social, cultural, intellectual, and emotional settings that shaped…

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June 18 /

It has been a long year, it really has been. I have forgotten if the Handford trip was this year or the last. Having to deal with a year of school with a new and…

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June 14 /

The 60s were On the brink of destruction, because of the Cold War. At the same of the collapse of the old Societal ways. Before this, we covered the civil rights movement, so we started…

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June 5 /


This year PLP added a new course to the mix, one with the intent to make it easier for us to live more productive lives. I have some mixed feeling about this course. I believe…

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March 12 /

The down town east side has some of the. Worst homelessness rates in the world. If you ever drive though the DTES will see people at there worst laying on ragged steps. With there faces…

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January 29 /


Imagine you where living your life in a quite town and one day you got a new neighbor, you welcome him in to your town. You assume because of his quite nature that he is simply there to live out a simple life. Then he begins to try and change the town to a place where white supremacist can live and have a place to run all of the white supremacy groups. This is who a small town in North Dakota had to live because of a man named Paul Craig Cobb. The small town that went by the of Leith had 24 residents and was a grand total three square miles. The movie Welcome to Leith goes thought the horror in which the people of Leith had to endure.

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January 21 /

Its time for the MPOLs again. This blog post is going to be my preconference post and will be up date once the conference has been completed. This so far, I do have a many…

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January 11 /

Recently we finished the winter exhibition which is usually reserve for blue sky project, but we did something different this year. Instead of creating personal projects we create a walk though experience. Which was based…

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