Di Provincials… But Online!

For the provincial tournament, we had to go on a zoom call with appraisers, and it was nothing like I thought it would be. It was pretty difficult to figure out how to do improv on a zoom call because it’s hard to show where people are on stage with multiple different screens. Originally we had planned to work on our sound effects and our use of the stage for the provincial tournament, because in the regional tournament we didn’t do those things very well. Unfortunately those things were probably the two hardest things to do online. For example, it’s hard to move around on Zoom because you can be on different positions on different people’s screens. Also for the sound effects, you can’t really tell how loud they’re going to be for everybody else. Another thing that we had to work around was cutting each other off, because it’s really hard to tell when other people are talking if you were talking so we had to make sure we didn’t talk while someone else was talking. Speaking about the regional tournament, if you want to see my regional tournament post it’s right here.
The hardest part about all of this was that we had only three days to come up with how we were going to do this online. We had practised for a few months, and then we had to scratch almost all of what we had practised. I think our presentation went pretty well, but it was not as it would’ve been in real life. One thing we did very well is we incorporated everyone into the skit evenly. Here is a photo of us right before our presentation:


As you can see,  it would be pretty hard to show movement on the screen as moving on stage. Overall I was pretty happy with our performance considering we only had a few days to adapt to the new way of doing our presentation!

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