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Hey everyone, this week for our student blogging challenge we had to learn about copyright rules. The first thing I’m gonna do in this blog post is inform are you guys about copyright. When I was much younger I didn’t realize that copyright was a thing and I figured but I could probably just take any image I want and nothing would happen. Now I know that you can’t do that and you definitely shouldn’t do it, because it’s illegal. Looking back on when I didn’t know it was a thing, I realized how silly it would be if there wasn’t such thing as copyright. There are ways to find images that aren’t copyrighted though, and I’m gonna tell you a few of those ways

One easy way of avoiding copyright is to look on Google images, but then click on advanced search and choose labelled for reuse, or if you’re planning to modify it then choose labelled for reuse and modification. Another way is to find a website that has royalty free photos and find a photo that you like. Also you can take your own photos or make your own photos, but I’ll get into that more later. A good source to find copyright free photos is Unsplash.


Making my own image.

For making my own image I had a really good idea, but unfortunately one of my photos got deleted or lost and I can’t find it now so it’s less exciting but I still have one of the photos. My idea was to take a photo of my remote for my lights in my room, and then draw a pattern on it with my iPad, and then put it on to the remote using paint markers. The image before I drew the pattern got lost so I no longer have it, but here is a photo of it:

In case you’re not really sure what a light remote is this is what I mean:

It was actually really fun, but at first I was really nervous because I thought I was going to mess it up. After about five minutes I got more comfortable, and I almost forgot I was doing it on something that wasn’t paper and something that I actually use. Anyway, this is a great way to get copyright free photos because there’s no way they will be copyright if you were the one that took the photo.

Copyright free slideshow:


For the third task of the blogging challenge, I had to make a slideshow of photos that I found. I got these images on Unsplash. I chose images that I liked and ones that related to me.


The first one I really liked because it’s really colourful. The second one I chose because I like basketball a lot. In fact I’m going to go play basketball once I’m done with this blog post! The third one I didn’t really have a reason to put it in, I just thought it looked really cool. The last one I put in because I like flowers a lot and those were really nice flowers so I had to put them in.




For the 4th task, we had to write a poem about a photo we found. If you read my about page (which you should do if you haven’t) you would know that I love hockey. I found a super cool photo on unsplash. As soon as I saw it I thought of a poem! Here is the image:



The poem I came up with is a couplet, because that is my favourite type of poem! Here is my poem:


As soon as he put on his skates

He wanted to be one of the greats.


Guess the sentence



For the fifth and final task we were asked to either add an image and write the start of a story, or make a sentence guessing game. I made a sentence guessing game! It’s basically a series of pictures and you have to guess the sentence they make up in the comments. Here is my sentence:

Can you guess what the says? Good luck solving it and see you next week… free choice week!!!

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