Influence of media

What we see and hear effects us greatly. Media is super influential nowadays, but it’s getting hard to know what we should let influence us. Things we see or read effects us in many different ways and people have different ways to attempt to deliver the effects. For example, pathos, ethos and logos. Pathos ethos and logos are different strategies of advertising meant to deliver a message through different strategies.
Using these strategies can change our mind on something really fast. Recently though there has been more and more fake news over the years so being easily convinced by anything you read is not good.
More often these days you have to make sure you are reading a reliable source because you could be reading something that is fake. Some people believe it and then they tell their friends that it’s real and then it spreads that it’s real and not fake, so you have to be really careful. People now are more gullible in a way and will fall for fake news very easily. Now that media such a big part of our lives if we read, and believe fake news it will influence us in ways that aren’t good because it’s not real. Off of that subject though, for our project we got the chance to make advertisements, which was super cool. We even got to interview two companies and show them the ads we made for them using the information they gave us, which felt super professional. The first company was a local company called The Raven. They are a restaurant/bar that make delicious food, which is why it was so cool that we got to interview them because they are well known and I enjoy eat there often. Here is an ad that we made for them:

The second company we interviewed and made an advertisement for was the Hatfield Marine Visitor Centre. We visited it when we went to Oregon. Here is an advertisement I made for them:

Overall I had a lot of fun in this project because we really got immersed in the project. I think the fact that we got to actually advertise for a company that we got to interview was super cool and I felt really lucky to be able to do that.

Maker project: drawing (empowerment)

I feel as if technology is a big part of society and it’s super useful. For our last project in maker we did a project on drawing we learned 6 different strategies on ways to draw. The first one was word art. I wasn’t the biggest fan of it. I found it a little boring but I think if I tried a little harder it would’ve been better and more fun. The second one I also found it a little boring but not quite as much. It was sketch notes. Sketch notes are where you, well, make notes that are sketched. The third one though was much more fun this was our portrait. For my portrait I drew myself snowboarding and surfing. It was super fun and I really enjoyed doing it.

 The next one was also fun… this was our still life drawing. For the drawing we drew fruits which was hard, but fun.

Our last one wasn’t quite as fun but not too bad. It was our logo design. We made our own companies and then we drew a logo for it. I think that I felt “empowered” from this because really learned the capabilities of my iPad. One of the most cool ones was the trace tool. The trace tool is where you could trace over a picture on another layer, and then you can delete the layer with the photo and then you only have your drawing. This is super cool because you can’t do this on normal paper. I think that we should be very thankful for the technology that we have nowadays because it helps with a lot of things, not just drawing.