We Learned About The Past??

Driving Question.

The driving question for this entire project is “what can we learn from the past and why does it matter to us today?”. At the start this was hard to understand and answer. Throughout the project easier for me to answer. Throughout this post, you might be able to answer it too.

The Book Of The Lion.

To help us answer the driving question, we had to read a book called The Book Of The Lion by Michael Cadnum. It was very interesting and was hard to get through, but it helped me understand the driving question more. I would rate the Book Of The Lion a 4/10. I don’t have a whole lot of feelings about this book. Everything went by so fast. My tip is to actually read the book. If you cant, get someone to read it to you (I did that). We got assigned chapters to read each  week. Once we’ve read the chapter, we had to fill out a role sheet. Like we did with the outsiders, a role sheet every week with our group. My group was with Julia, Marcus and I. We got mixed up on the role sheets the first time but it got sorted out and was fine 5 mins later.

Crusades Dialogue

My friend Emilia and I had to write a script/ dialogue of a Christian and a Muslim talking to each other showing the different perspectives. It had to be under a minute. I wrote it on 5 minutes before we started presenting. We added a lot more when we were presenting. It was basically improv once we were up there.

The Leader Tribute.

In the morning like always, we go into table groups. Julia, Emilia and I were all late that day so we were put into a group together. Pretty good group not gonna lie. Through the last few days we’ve been reading through 3 different leaders that led during the medieval time. Salah Al-Din, Chinggis Khan, and Eleanor of Aquitne. We had to chose one of those leaders, we went with Chinggis Khan. We wrote a couple sentences each to say and drew a very rushed picture. Emilia was sick the day we had to present so Keira joined us. Julia explained the picture, Kiera read Julias part on the scrip and I got left with reading Emilia AND my part.

Medieval Portrait.

We had to find a picture from the medieval times that we could put ourself in. This didn’t take very long. We used SuperimposeX. SuperimposeX is a really cool, fun, interesting app that you can edit and add things into photos. Once we had our photo with ourselves in it, we had to find 3 more things we can put into the photo. In the paragraph below you can see that I chose beliefs/leadership so I drew a cross around a farmers neck. Time, I put a medieval sun in the top corner. My last one is society so I found a castle and put it on a hill. 

Paragraph Explaining My Medieval Art.

In my gorgeous piece of medieval art, I tried to focus on our driving question, what can we learn from the past and why does it matter to us today. It matters because the decisions made back then made our society today. 

(Leadership and beliefs) There were good and bad decisions made by leaders and people with power. All the mistakes, the government can learn from them, I can learn from them and we can all learn from the mistakes. Many people in the Middle Ages believed in the Christian God. They would pray before bed, and lots of people still do.

(Time) We live on time. It matters so much to us. It is precious. Time can work with you or against you. If your late for something it is against you, unless if you want to be late. It can work with you if your on time. It’s always good if your on time, even early. Back in the Middle Ages, apparently the clock was a new invention that many people were excited about. They also told time with the sunrise and sunset, natural time😄. Now, we still use time, but clocks are easier. We even have time on our wrists⌚️.

(Society)There were social classes, like the outsiders. There were the peasants, the knights, the lords then the king. The king and the lords were the most powerful because they had the most land and like I said in my chart, land = power. Most of the time, the king lived in the castle with his family. Where’s the queen? I seriously don’t know. The peasants normally don’t have a say in anything. In The Book Of The Lion, I don’t know what chapter it was on but Edmund was wondering about heaven, but he couldn’t ask because of his social class. I think he’s a peasant.

Sketch & Tell.

So, we had to do this in class. It doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense what I was rambling on about. Don’t mind my masterpiece, you really have to got an artists eye to see the picture clearly😂. We also had to write a paragraph explaining what we drew (that’s what I was rambling on about).


Throughout this project I learned so much more about the medieval times (I didn’t know a lot before). I learned so much about all the decisions made then and how they impacted our society today and a lot about the past that applies to us today. It’s also really hard to relate to things back then because everything has changed so much!

Thank you for reading my post. Leave a comment if your bored and want to. See ya ✌️.

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It Project!

Have you ever wondered how many steps are in a project? How many assignments you have to get done to reach the end? I sure have. For Humanities we had to do our first project with lots of projects  along the way. At the end of the project, we had to answer the driving question, how can a text help me understand how my worldview is changing. You can see my answer to this if you continue reading. 

 Reading The Outsiders:

S.E Hinton wrote The Outsiders when she was in hight school. It was such an amazing book to read with lots of action. We had to take notes along the way so were prepared if we have any assignments we have time do on it. While we were reading the book, we had to answer something called “Role Sheets”. Role sheets are just sheets that you answer. Sometimes you have to draw something that you could relate to, or you might just be writing a whole bunch of words. Yes, words. Sometimes the questions for me were hard to answer and took a lot of thought. Most of the time it wasn’t fun. Anyways, you get put in these groups, where you’ll share your role sheet with. The groups normally have 2-3 other people and you will do a different sheet every week but there are only 3 in total.

Music Video:

Making The Lyrics.

Up above you read about how we had groups that we discussed our role sheets with. Well surprise surprise, I was with the same group this entire project. Yup, a lot of time with the same people. They were great to work with and kept me on task lots of the time. We got lots of work done as a group. Anyways, back to about the lyrics. Everyone in the group had to write lyrics for the same song, Its The End Of The World As We Know It by R.E.M. My group and I decided that my lyrics went smoother with the original song and just were the best in general. My group members had to change a couple of words because apparently they didn’t make sense.

Singing The Song.

It probably took us 5 times to sing the song as goos as we could do it before getting it right. The lyrics were hard to read and sing really fast because if you listen to the song here you can see that it gets a bit faster throughout it. Our voices are all different. My voice was probably the highest (I don’t know if that’s a good thing). Sorry, that doesn’t really have anything to do with this, but I guess you can hear me in it 😁. I think the recording ended out being pretty good. I had a couple of moments but its all good 👍.

Making The Music Video.

We have 2 music videos. One that we could post on YouTube and one that has a whole bunch of pictures of us and our friends that we don’t want all over YouTube. I did lots of the work on the second video but then another member of the group took out all the photos of us for it to be posted on YouTube. Here is the video:


Worldview MindNode.

This a project that we did closer to the start of this all. We wrote this to help us understand our own worldviews. There were 7 sections we had to write about and how they relate to our own worldview. I did this really last minute so it isn’t the best I could’ve done. Here it is:


Thank you for reading to the end of my post! Have an amazing rest of your day🫶.

My Maker Reflection Post!🐒

Hi guys, welcome back to another post! Today I’m reflecting on my PLP work that I have done so far.

This is my Memoji video that we had to make. It didn’t take me long to screen record and all that but if you watch the first three seconds or so, you’ll see that I couldn’t edit out the music I was playing in the background. Something I could’ve done differently was not listening to the music before screen recording. I also had to re-do my voice overs because there were a lot of noises in the backgrounds before I re-did it. This is my video:


We had a Keynote presentation that we had to fill out with all these cool fidgets and drawings you could make. I am really proud of a Nike shoe we had to design using colour fill. I didn’t use colour fill for the small bits because it was hard to do that without it looking splotchy. I think one thing I could’ve done better was not rushing through it because we still had lots of time. Here it is:

In an app called WordPack, we had to make a WordPack of words that describe yourself. I think I could’ve used some “better”, juicier words to describe myself because some of them don’t really make sense. I could’ve been more creative with the colours. Check it out here:

So who am I as a PLP learner?

I think I am a curious, flexible, open-minded learner. I always have a question about every project and always want to know more. I am flexible and open minded and will normally adjust if a plan gets changed last minute. I love working in groups because then I get to share and hear other peoples ideas on the project that we’re working on.

Thank you for reading to the end of my post!! Have a great day😉.


🏐Volleyball🏐- and why you should try it!

This is my first post!!! In Maker we had to write a post about something you really like. Like many other people, I like so many things. It’s hard to only like one thing, but I had to chose. But I decided to write about volleyball.

Volleyball is such an amazing sport to play. It is fun, easy to learn and it makes you fitter! But dont worry, I will explain more on why you should play it. Volleyball is fun for so many reasons. For me, having an amazing spike or overhand serve that goes over the net, is such a great feeling to have. Making sure that volleyball is fun is very important. If you aren’t having fun, they why would you continue playing? You can tell all your friends to join a league so you can play volleyball together to make it even more fun. If not, take your volleyball (if you have one) over to Myrtle and practice bumping and setting to each other! Volleyball is also really easy to learn. To start off all you need to know how to bump and set. It’s pretty simple but I cannot explain over writing. You can search up how to do this on YouTube. Here is a video of the postions in volleyball:

Here is a video of a drill that you can do to improve your bumping:

It’s actually way easier than you think if you actually try to learn how to play. Volleyball also makes you fitter because you’re moving around, but doesn’t tire you out. I love volleyball for so many reasons and those were only some. I would play volleyball every day if I could and hope someday I could. Thank you for reading my choice post. Hopefully you can try volleyball!