Student Blogging Challenge Day 10(Free Choice)


Hello everybody And welcome back to Student  Blogging Challenge Day 10 todays post is free choice. And off topic can I just say back in like kindergarten when the teachers said free choice on play time it was epic.

Anyways so my free choice post is about Spring Break and what I’m going to do

So for the first 4 days I’m going skiing and its gonna be epic. Next I’m probably going to play video games with my friends and maybe go outside for a run/walk with my dad. So thats going to be my spring break.

Next topic boredom so I’ve been writing post about boredom in the last couple of weeks and its been fun I’ve been less bored and Cooper actually got my riddle on the last one so were going to do another one








So what does one equal and why is four cosmic also tell me what the pattern is. Tell me in the comments. 

And now complete off topic I have made a meme

But thats all for now and remember that Cå®ter=bLõG.

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